Work in Canada List of jobs most in demand by Mexicans


The dream of many is to find the one I work abroad which allows them to obtain higher incomes and with improve your quality of lifeone of the most places job offers frequent publication Canada.

If, in your case, you are ready to change your place of residence and seek work in Canada, we tell you this jobs in which they hire more Mexicans, So be careful.

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Jobs most in demand by Mexicans

The first thing you need to know is that the main reason people decide to move to Canada is that there are more job opportunities and better salaries, in addition to the fact that residency is easier to obtain. obtain.

According to the digital job bank OCC Mundial, the positions most in demand by Mexicans visiting Canada are:


In general, Mexicans who come to the United States apply to work in a cafeteria, work as a barista, in addition to acquiring knowledge in the preparation of coffee, they have the possibility of learning English and French in contact people. East. ,

2. server

Likewise, waiter work is the most requested by Mexicans visiting Canada, as it helps to improve or learn the language spoken there.

3. Cook

In general, restaurants ask for Mexicans who can bring knowledge about the cuisine and gastronomy of Mexico.

4. Administrative assistant

It is one of the most demanded positions by Mexicans and foreigners since many papers are not necessary to start the job. Similarly, you can also deal with your housing with the help of the company that hired you while you do your job.

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5. Doctor

This is one of the most in-demand jobs in sleep clinics, so if you have experience, this may be a good option to consider.

6. Translator

If, in your case, you have a perfect command of English or French, you can apply for job offers offered by schools or companies.

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7. Babysitter

Finally, you should keep in mind that speaking both languages ​​can bring you many benefits, such as working as a nanny, which is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada.

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