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Now that Roe has been reversed, Democratic states are moving aggressively not just to legalize abortion, but to legalize it for up to nine months, even until birth. Of course, the nine-month abortion was never part of Casey or even Roe.

Once a fetus is viable, we believe that the genetic event of its conception – and it’s a he or she – is unmistakably a unique living human being. Thus, the criminal law has long permitted a double charge of homicide when a woman in an advanced state of pregnancy is murdered. Therefore, when these liberal states allow late-term abortions after Roe, we expect criminal charges to be brought against the liberal states themselves as co-conspirators with their abortion clinics for running operations of murder by state.

Of course, this criminal apprehension of the states will require a change of direction within the federal government to convert the attorney general’s office from liberal to law-abiding, and from fraud to law enforcement. The basis for this federalization of abortion murder will be the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment which, in our view, protects viable unborn children because they are living citizens fully protected by the Constitution. And if this procedure seems impossible in Washington, the “impossibility” to overthrow Roe has actually just turned out to be quite possible in Washington. And so overthrowing Biden’s presidency shouldn’t be too difficult in 2024 either. And it won’t take as long as Roe to end the Biden presidency, which is already an abortion.




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