When is the Marvel movie premiere?


MARVEL Studios has released some of the biggest box office movies in the Marvel series franchise.

Morbius, the latest Marvel movie, will star Jared Leto as a scientist-turned-vampire.


Marvel’s latest movie, Morbius is set to hit theaters in spring 2022Credit: YouTube

What is the release date of Morbius?

The film was originally slated for release on January 28, 2022, but Sony pushed the release date back to April 1, 2022.

CNN reported that there have been several release dates pushed back for the film.

Morbius was supposed to premiere in July 2020, then March 2021, then October 2021.

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What is Morbius talking about?

Marvel’s Morbius stars Leto, who attempts to cure a rare blood disease, but when an experiment goes awry, he turns into a vampire.

The experiment involves working with DNA from bats, which leads to his vampirism.

In the first trailer, Leto’s character is seen walking past Spider-Man’s graffiti art.

Jared Leto in Morbius trailer walking next to Spider-Man graffiti


Jared Leto in Morbius trailer walking next to Spider-Man graffitiCredit: YouTube
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What have people said about Morbius?

Some fans took to Twitter to write about their fan theories for the film and its association with Spider-Man.

“GUYS REMEMBER WHEN ANDREW WAS TALKING ABOUT ‘I stopped shooting my shots’ WHAT IF… OH MY GOD,” one user wrote.

The tweet was accompanied by images from the trailer containing possible Spider-Man connections.

“There’s NO way his story is over. He was talking about how he didn’t have a lot of bad guys and he felt lame and he didn’t feel complete. Sony is putting in some HUGE thing. I think Andrew is coming back,” the same user said in a separate tweet.

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