‘We were all like – Woah!’ The Oscar-winning movie star visits the boutique in York


It’s not every day that you come across a celebrity buying a new pair of shoes…

Moda in Pelle on Low Petergate specializes in “fabulous shoes”, from trainers to boots to high heels.

And it turns out they have an A-Lister fan – as Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson paid a visit over the weekend.

Emma Thompson at Moda in Pelle in York with saleswoman Daisy Ambler

Known for films such as love in fact, Nanny McPhee and CruelEmma walked in with her friend and walked around the store.

“We didn’t recognize her right away,” said Julie Baxter, sales assistant at Moda in Pelle. Julie and her colleague Daisy Ambler were both working that Saturday.

It wasn’t until Emma asked about a pair of boots that the team recognized who was in their shop!

“We were all like ‘Woah’,” Julie said. “But we didn’t overreact, we just served her as we would any of our customers.”

Emma, ​​who won Oscars for Best Actress and Best Adapted Screenplay, bought a pair of boots for her friend as well as herself. The boots were part of the “Bezzie” range, one of Moda in Pelle’s best-selling shoes.

She also had a moment singing with the Spice Girls playing on the radio!

“She was so sweet,” Julie added. “Really down to earth.”

Emma is a two-time Academy Award winner. Photography: iStock/vzphotos

Emma still had some shopping to do, so she left her bag at the store.

“As you can imagine, the rest of the day we were buzzing and waiting for that second appearance,” laughed Julie.

This isn’t the first time Emma has visited Moda in Pelle. She makes a regular visit to the store – about once a year.

How is that for a regular customer!

The Moda in Pelle store in York is managed by Mercedes Cragg. Learn more about Moda in Pelle on their website here.


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