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Socialism is the new slavery in America. the “to trim” of today is the madman who gets up every morning of the workweek and goes to work, pays his bills and taxes – under threat of imprisonment – takes care of his family and obeys the law. This “to trim” does this because that’s what responsible people do. the “to trim” must do it to help sustain america “mastery” who sleep in bed until late morning or early afternoon, refuse to go to work, refuse to take responsibility for themselves and their dependents, receive a monthly allowance from the government of nanny, get Section 8 housing with rent subsidies, get key cards and party hard.

Those of us who are “slaves” to be roundly criticized by Marxists and socialists in the Democratic Party because we would rather keep more of our hard-earned income to do more of what we want with our money. We would like to provide our families with some of the finer things in life, such as a vacation trip, a second car, a big screen TV, savings accounts for our children’s education, a nest egg for retirement, etc.

A lot of “mastery” regret that because they are waiting for us “slaves” to continue to be subject to the government and to pay even more taxes to ensure that their wants and needs are met. Therein lies the fallacy of socialism. American “mastery” have been programmed over many generations to accept what were meager handouts that have become a decent way of life as it exists in dependent mediocrity. Socialism and the socialist democrats have stolen these “mastery” of pride, dignity, joy and a sense of accomplishment that comes from looking out for yourself and achieving something.

The roots of socialism are found in envy, weakness and refusal to do the things necessary for self-sufficiency and fulfilment. Some “mastery” end up wanting a perpetual leave from responsibility for themselves and then fail to face the cruel and wicked world because they haven’t had the role models to teach them how. When they hear socialists talking about equality of results, even though many of them “mastery” have done little to deserve them, they forget that no one is guaranteed equal outcomes in America. However, we guarantee and believe that all should expect to receive equal opportunity, justice and freedom.

Social Democrats are always critical of profits and the pursuit of profit, seemingly unaware that when opportunities for profit diminish, employment opportunities disappear. When this happens, free rides for the“mastery” come to an abrupt end.


South Williamsport

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