The JOE movie quiz: week 131


“Mum Mia! Here we test again! “

welcome to La Grande Revueski Film Quiz on JOE.

Round 1 this is the moment that you have waited all your life … it is, of course … the cycle of general culture of cinema.

After the one and only Jamie Dornan was announced as the new face of Guinness NITROURGE this week it’s fair to assume that everyone is choking on a tour of their movies, so that’s exactly what we’re getting you … 2nd round is all about the Jamie Dornan movies.

Last, but not the least, with the insightful and assuredly 100% accurate predictions given to us this week by the scholar. Old Moore’s Almanac, Round 3 is about films featuring people who can predict the future.

They’ve already planned that you’re going to pass this quiz, so …

To your films … get ready … GO!

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The big quiz of the movie Reviewski JOE: week 131
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