The best jobs for students


College is expensive and the costs are only rising. This is why it may be wise and necessary to make a decision during your studies. However, students should find one that fits their schedule as college can be a busy time. Here are the nine best jobs for college students this can be done at night or during the evening.


The bartender starts at a reasonable fee and is usually in demand. Pay starts at $15 per hour and includes tips. This profession is a great option for students looking to work part-time at night and earn some extra cash. Clubs and bars are usually open late so students can work there while continuing to do their jobs. The bartender is suitable for those who enjoy talking to customers and thriving in a busy environment.


Although these types of jobs are frowned upon, a career in retail can teach you a lot about customer service and other skills in general. This may include working for a store, a fast food chain or as a cashier for a supermarket. This can be a good first job for people looking to gain experience and possibly unionize.

On-campus work / work-study

In my opinion, this is one of the best options for students. There’s nothing easier than being able to work on campus without having to commute or figure out how to get somewhere. When I was in college, I had a desk job in the recreation center where I could work nights and earn extra income. Students can try to work in the library or in the dorms as an assistant. A teaching assistant position is also a possibility.

Baby sitting

This has long been a good option as it pays a good amount of money. Some parents need someone to watch over their children while they are at work or have other obligations. This serves as another part-time night gig that students can do on the side. What also makes it great is that students can do their work while working this kind of work. It can be difficult to find people who need a babysitter. Students will therefore have to advertise or know families who need a babysitter.

Freelance writing

I also did this while I was still in college. Sometimes when I had a bit more time after finishing my homework or studying, I would sit in my dorm and type articles for some sites and do some freelance work. The good thing about this is that it can be done from anywhere, and students can work this around their schedule. However, it works as a good option for those who love to write and are not tired of doing homework and homework while studying. Students will also need to have some proficiency in academic and professional writing.

Photo from Pexels by Andrea Piacquadio


This is another job that can be done from anywhere and is a good way to earn some extra cash. It can be a great way to build skills for those who want to become a teacher. Students do not need a degree for this.

Restoration work

Similar to the bartender, students can spend their weekends working part-time for a restaurant. Not only will this teach valuable lessons about customer service, but it can be a good job depending on the type of restaurant it is. I personally worked in some restaurants during breaks while in college to earn extra income.

Uber/Lyft driver

I know friends who did this while in college to earn extra income. People can do this job whenever they want, as they act like freelancers, carrying those in need. It’s also a good way to talk to more people and learn. This job is usually for those who like to drive and, of course, have a car on campus.


Similar to freelance writing, this is for those who are great at typing and don’t mind writing more while studying. This comes with a lot of remote work, which makes it a good option for students sleeping in school.


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