The best jobs for students in New York


When you’re a student, you go through a lot and have a million reasons to worry – from homework to financial issues, there’s a lot going on in the lives of students that they worry about.

When you try to remove these problems, you might not be thinking about getting student jobs. However, if you get a part-time job as a student in New York, USA, you will have flexible hours and some savings that you can use to pay for your New York tuition or for yourself. have fun with your friends on weekends in New York. .

Do you know which is the best part? You can find a part time job that can pave the way for your future career! Whether it’s getting an internship as a marketing assistant in social media marketing companies or becoming a consultant / tutor in New York City, there are so many vacancies for you.

Let’s take a look at some of the highest paying student jobs in New York City.

  1. The teacher’s assistant

Many teachers and schools hire students as teaching assistants to help them with various projects throughout the college semester in York. Tasks can range from helping students and their tutoring, creating lesson plans for them, updating student grades, handling paperwork, and more. At New York.

Usually, applicants are required to have completed a year of college or university studies in New York City, have experience in specific higher education courses, and must also have good organizational skills. Want to know another great thing about being a teaching assistant?

As you prepare others for the midterm sessions, you will be helping yourself as you go through various free essay samples online to help kids pass their exams as TA NYC!

Many schools offer an internship program for bright students when they enter New York University.

  1. Waiter / Bartender

Of all the best jobs for college students in New York City, the most common job is that of a waiter or bartender, mostly because of the hours it provides. However, the bartender needs you to be available on weekends and late nights in NYC.

Even though the hourly wages of waiters and bartenders in New York City are not great, they receive tips from their customers. Depending on the sales and the number of people you serve, you can make a lot of money in tips overnight, especially in a busy city like York.

  1. Lyft or Uber driver

One of the most popular jobs for college students in New York is being Lyft or Uber driver. To become an Uber driver, you must have a smartphone, a reliable car, and be over the age of 21. If you have all of the above you can have this fun job in NY!

Hours are flexible – you can drive when you are free. However, keep in mind that the most popular times are usually weekends, evenings, and early mornings. Similar to the bartender, you’ll make a lot of money as an Uber driver in a busy metropolis like New York.

If you make regular trips from Long Island City to Manhattan to New York, you’ll be full of money!

  1. Nanny

Do you like to be with young children and children? If so, you can become a part-time nanny. Many people in York are working and need someone to take care of their children. Whether it’s picking them up from school in New York, feeding them and putting them to sleep, there is a lot to do.

Hours in New York can be flexible, the pay is good, and when the kids are resting you can do your homework as well. Depending on where New York City is, the type of work you do, and the number of hours you put into it, you can get a living wage in York.

  1. Barista

Do you like coffee? Why not find a job in a cafe in New York? Not only will you love the ambiance, but you’ll also get your hands on free coffee. There are many cafes in the city and due to the flexible hours of stores in New York, you can manage the hours according to your own needs.

Not a lot of money in this job, but if you work at a company like Starbucks in New York, you will get some perks that will make working there worth it in York.

  1. Dog walker

Hang out with dogs and get paid for it? Trust us, it doesn’t get better than this! Dog walking is not a big, time-consuming undertaking in New York City. You will only have to walk dogs for 30 to 60 minutes a day in New York City, depending on your own schedule or the schedule that dog walkers will give you.

In addition, instead of walking your dog as a job in New York, you can offer dog sitting services for dogs, and you can make money right from the security of your own New York home!

  1. Translator

If you know a second language at New York University, you can put it to good use. New York is a metropolitan city, with a lot of foreigners living in New York, and a lot in need of translation services. In addition to working with individuals, you can also work with organizations like the United Nations Field Office in New York – that will pay you a lot more! However, you will need to abide by the NYC Client Privacy Policy.

Student jobs in New York

With a little research, you can easily find a student job in New York. Turn on notifications to look for job alerts on your phone as a student so you get a job alert in case there are any student jobs in New York that are right for you.

Good luck!

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