The 16 Best Wine Delivery Services to Order Online in 2022


Kudos to you, post reader.

If you’re of drinking age, then it’s time to raise your glass to the red, white or pink stuff – depending on your choice of wine.

Then sit back and applaud the convenience of ordering your favorite bottle right to your doorstep, no convenience store required.

For those new to the wine game, going to a liquor store can be daunting, so ordering online with plenty of time to research is a plus. Plus, when exploring wines that tickle your taste buds, subscribing to a service that sends out a variety of options for you to try is also a great idea.

Wine lovers shouldn’t turn their backs on wine delivery and wine subscriptions either, as they offer a great way to expand their tastes and discover new wines, as well as making it easier to store your bottles. proven favorites, generally. at a discount.

If that piqued your interest, take a look below for our top picks, then get ready to pop a few bottles in the name of love.


For those who have had enough of their favorite wine varieties and want to think outside the box, order one from Winc and see what they pick for you.

The monthly wine subscription service tailors its wines to your tastes, with a quiz upon signup to gauge which flavors, blends and varieties you should try next. Each month, you’ll receive four handpicked bottles in the mail, delivered straight to your door for hassle-free wine tasting from your own home. A monthly subscription of three bottles per month costs $39, with the option to add additional bottles starting at $13 each.

For a limited time, new members can get four bottles for $29.95 as part of a limited time offer.

A red wine list
Wall Street Journal Wine

We know it’s The Post, but we look to other publications when it comes to wine.

WSJwine is a great idea for gifting bottles to your favorite people or ordering a few for yourself as well. They offer wine packages, like the recommended mixed cases that allow you to try a range of top wines, including only reds, whites, sparkling wines, or a mix of all of the above.

Image of two bottles of wine
Mini bar

Bring the mini bar home and skip the hotel altogether.

The minibar is an ideal option for all wine lovers. Choose from notable brands while encouraging love and romance. Better yet, order liquor, beers, and mixers while you’re at it, because the brand has it all.

A man and two women applaud with wine glasses
Bright cellars

Here is a bright idea for you, your partner or your best friends.

Bright Cellars is a monthly wine subscription club that considers your tastes when deciding which bottles to send. First, take a quiz to let the Bright Cellars team know what you like and don’t like about wine. Then, after seeing which wines they recommend, pick four and they’ll ship them right to your door. The monthly service costs $80, making each bottle only $20 for a handpicked choice worldwide.

Three bottles of wine on a counter with garlic, mushrooms and other spices in the background
Wine on sale

Whenever the words “wine” and “sale” are in the same sentence, you should probably be careful.

Get your favorite wines at great prices on this site, which will also deliver free to your door on orders of six or more bottles with code FREE DELIVERY1 at the register. Ordering in bulk won’t be a problem either, as the site has an impressive range of organized cases and boxes, viewable on their page for organized wine cases that make great gifts or a useful way to restock your own cellar. to wine.

A cartoon of wine bottles in a box
Plot wine

Want a nice package delivered to your door? If this package contains wine, then yes, please!

Parcel Wine ships nationwide, offering free shipping to those in Manhattan and Brooklyn on orders over $300. Not only can you shop by type of wine, but you can also shop by region, say France, Spain or Portugal to name a few. For true wine lovers, they also offer fine and rare wines to add to your collection. Finally, join their Wine Drop subscription service and get three wines starting at $95 total including shipping.

Three triangular wine bottles in white, red and pink
Usual wines

Turn a casual evening into a fun evening with a glass of the usual wines.

Goblet-shaped wine bottles are anything but ordinary and are as delicious as they are beautiful to look at. They currently offer brut, rosé, red and a special reserve bottle, as well as gift boxes perfect for tasting. Each bottle is measured for a 6.3 ounce serving and is sold online in packs of six, 12, 18, and 24. Best of all, they offer a subscription delivery model, which also saves you 17% on a monthly basis.

Image of glass of wine on black background
Gary Wine and Market

Go ahead and stay on the couch.

Bring the wine to you by ordering through Gary’s Wine & Marketplace, which offers a wide variety of wines, in addition to beer and spirits. The best part? There is a Gary’s Direct program that allows you to get 10% off 6 or more bottles. Gary’s wine orders will also be processed and shipped within 1-2 business days.

Three bottles of wine are placed on a wooden counter

If the weather outside is drizzly, snowing, or just plain unappealing, invite your friends over and blast a bottle from your house with Drizly’s delivery.

The liquor delivery app is a great idea for anyone who wants to skip the liquor store while still having their favorite wine close at hand. Drizly has both a website and a mobile app, making it easier than ever to source red, white, rosé and more, in addition to the many beers and spirits also available.

Two bottles of wine placed on a newspaper
Access to wines

Just like wines, subscriptions should come in a few different varieties.

Wine Access has just that, offering four different wine clubs, as well as options to buy individual bottles on their site. Wine Clubs start at just $120 per shipment of six handpicked bottles, shipped between four and six times a year depending on the subscription you choose.

Image of cheering couple with wine
Wine insiders

Here’s another delivery service that brings the party to you.

Wine Insiders shows bottle availability by state and offers free shipping to those who order six or more bottles of wine, which won’t be hard to achieve after reviewing their selection. Not only do they carry basic brands of all varieties, but they also have a section for newcomers.

Image of wine on cheese and bread

Do you have a taste for wine but you don’t want to leave your house?

Now you can order it right to your door with In Good Taste. Not sure what your favorite wine is? Even better, because In Good Taste lets you taste a selection of wines, making tasting an unforgettable experience.

Four bottles of wine on a counter, two red and two white makes it incredibly easy to get wine delivered straight to your door, with thousands of wines to choose from and an ever-growing range of new wines to try.

The online platform is currently running a promotion for new customers, taking $20 off your order of $100 or more with the code FIRST20 at the register. Reaching the $100 minimum won’t be too difficult, as you can stock up on reds, whites, rosés, and even sparkling options to last a while or a few weeks — judgment-free.

Image of three bottles of wine in a delivery box
blue apron

Did you know that Blue Apron makes more than just meal kits?

Blue Apron offers a wine delivery option where you can order wine on the go. Simply search for the wines of your choice, receive monthly deliveries and relax. Not only does Blue Apron offer red, white and sparkling wines, but the wine comes directly from the vineyard.

Image of friends together drinking wine
Dry Farmer Wines

Dry Farm Wines specializes in natural wine, ensuring that the grapes used are organically grown on family farms and independently lab tested for purity.

To get started, simply choose your favorite wine color, box size, and how often you’d like to receive a shipment. Then sip the stress.

A box of Firstleaf on a mint green circle background
first leaf

If you know you love wine, but aren’t sure what types yet, this wine club is here to help.

When you sign up for the wine subscription, take a survey to shape your profile and help the Firstleaf team craft your first case, shipping in just days. Then, after you’ve sipped them all, be sure to rate them so that your next instances are even more tailored to your personal preferences. After your introductory order, subscriptions start at 6 bottles for $79.98, plus $9.95 shipping and tax.

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