TÁR: everything we know about Cate Blanchett’s film


Cate Blanchett has a new movie coming out in 2022 titled TAR, so get excited. One of the most heralded actresses of her generation – two-time Oscar winner – Blanchett teams up TAR with Todd Field, a highly respected director who hasn’t made a film in 16 years. It all comes together for an exciting collaboration.

TAR is considered a strong contender to feature in the 2022 Film Awards races, so for more on that, we’ve compiled everything we know about the film here.

What is the release date of TÁR?

TAR releases October 7 in the United States. For those outside the United States, including the United Kingdom, TAR should not arrive before January 2023.

Before TAR on its release in cinemas, it is part of the official program of the Venice Film Festival 2022. The film is presented in competition at the great autumn festival, which takes place from August 31 to September 10.

What is the TÁR plot?

TAR is an original story written by Todd Field, here is a synopsis from Focus Features:

“The film, set in the international world of classical music, centers on Lydia Tár, widely regarded as one of the greatest living composers/conductors and the first-ever female conductor of a Great German Orchestra.”

In case you were wondering, Lydia Tár is a fictional character, not an actual composer.

Is there a TÁR trailer?

The first trailer for TAR is unique. For the majority of its two-minute runtime, it only shows Blanchett as Lydia Tár blowing a puff of smoke in slow motion, while a voiceover speaks of the kinds of blights that plague people, including the ominous line “and whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad with power.” The trailer ends with a scene of Blanchett’s character vigorously leading an orchestra. Watch the trailer below.

A US and international trailer has been released, but they are identical except for the ending information on when TAR makes its debut.

Another one TAR The trailer shows more of the film, but introduces the world of a professional conductor in a very strange way. Check it out below:

Who is part of the cast of TÁR?

Cate Blanchett leads the way TAR as the eponymous character. Blanchett keeps busy, because TAR is just one of the movies she’s starring in in 2022. She’s also on board to voice Sprezzatura in Guillermo del Toro Pinocchio and is credited as being the narrator of the Netflix movie The School of Good and Evil. Some of his recent credits include Don’t look up and alley of nightmares. Blanchett is already a seven-time Oscar-nominated actress and two-time winner (blue jasmine, the aviator). East TAR his next opportunity to score a name?

Also headlining TAR the actors are Mark Strong (The king, zero dark thirty), Noémie Merlant (Portrait of a lady on fire, Paris, 13th arrondissement), Nina Hos (Phoenix, Country), Julien Glover (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, game of thrones), Allan Corduner (Upside down, Country) and Sophie Kauer, who made her film debut with TAR.

Who is the director of TÁR, Todd Field?

Many could be forgiven for not being too familiar with Todd Field, as the writer/director has been surprisingly inactive since his last film, Small childrenwas released in 2006. However, with Small children and 2001 In the bedroomField had a one-two that made him a prominent voice in the independent film world.

Those two movies combined for a total of eight Oscar nominations, including three for Field himself — two for writing the scripts, then the other for best picture.

With a bit of luck TAR marks the start of a more consistent outing from Field. He currently has two TV projects in the works, including the TV mini-series The Devil in the White City and Purity.

We will update this post with more information on TAR becomes available.

Poster TÁR

(Image credit: Focus Features)

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