Spaceknight might never have an MCU movie according to James Gunn


The Marvel Cinematic Universe has already brought more comic book characters to the big screen than ever in comic book history, and even with characters like Moon knight, she-hulk, and other lesser-known heroes who find their way through the ever-expanding world that began with the simple story of a self-confident billionaire who built himself a highly elaborate Halloween costume, fans are digging constantly in the depths of Marvel history to ask who else might be introduced to the MCU in the future. guardians of the galaxy Director James Gunn recently answered a question about one of these characters when asked if he could write and direct a movie based on Rom: Spaceknight.

wonder owns the history of comics; Hasbro owns the character, ”Gunn said in response to the question. “So unless something changes, the original story of the Spaceknights with Rom can never be told. ”


Following Disney’s acquisition of Fox, which brought many of their “lost” Marvel characters back into the fold, there is no indication that Disney will not continue to bring back under their control as many Marvel monsters as possible for use as they go. and to measure. they wish. That’s not to say they’re set to take over Hasbro, but given their current partnership with Sony on Spider-Man rights, there’s always a way around these things. You also have to consider that, as Gunn almost alludes to, the “original” story of the Spaceknights cannot be told, but that would also suggest that if they really wanted to, Marvel Studios could just recreate the Spaceknights with new characters. .

For anyone who has never heard of this unusually obscure part of Marvel history, Rom the space knight was a character license to Marvel for a comic book series in 1979. However, the character is not a Marvel original and was actually owned by the board game makers Parker Brothers, which are now under the Hasbro banner. Like many toy lines of the time, such as He-Man and My Little Pony, Parker Brothers wanted a link to help further sell the line of action figures created around Rom’s character, which was their first attempt at such figurine. The Marvel comic book series delved into the origin of Rom, a human from a planet called Galador. When his planet was invaded by aliens, Rom and many of his human companions were transformed into cyborgs called Spaceknights to fight off the alien invasion. As they won the war to save their own planet, the aliens, known as the Dire Wraiths, spread across the galaxy, leading Rom to set out to protect other planets, including Earth, from their attack.

During its six years of existence, Rom: Space Knight has become a full-fledged member of the Marvel Universe and therefore will be seen by those who remember him as having enormous potential to appear in a movie somewhere in the future. Sadly, there’s another complication that has been giving Marvel a headache for the past few years already, which would likely put an end to any current hopes of seeing the character appear in the MCU.

30 years after its last appearance, the publishing rights for Rom were reclaimed by IDW Publishing in 2016, which delivered a miniseries featuring the character and 15 issues simply referred to as Rom. This change of hands meant that the loss of rights to Marvel also caused them to lose the ability to repost any of their comics to introduce the character, which included several crossovers with characters such as The Incredible Hulk, Iron Fist and Power Man, among others, which has led to all reprints of issues featuring him being reissued or the story completely omitted.

While it is unlikely that Rom will arrive in the MCU soon under the direction of James gunnIt’s good to know that there are people willing to dig into the Marvel archives to try and find out who might join Marvels’ greatest heroes in the future.

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