Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans Reunited for Jason Bateman’s New Movie


MCU stars Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson are set to reunite in a new space race movie directed by Jason Bateman titled Project Artemis.

Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans will reunite in a new film titled Project Artemis directed by Jason Bateman. The history between Johansson and Evans runs deep, as the former two starred together in the 2004 film The perfect score and gathered for nanny diaries in 2007. Now the two actors are best known for their respective roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow and Steve Rogers aka Captain America. The characters shared the screen for a total of six films – two Captain America movies and the four avengers movies.

As Evans and Johansson’s tenures in the MCU appear to be coming to an end, the actors have pursued various roles outside of the franchise in recent years. Ransom Drysdale wearing the Evans jersey from Knives out was his most famous role since leaving the MCU. His next roles include the voice of the titular astronaut in Light year and an unhinged villain in the Russo Brothers spy thriller The gray man. Johansson, on the other hand, made his final MCU appearance as Last Year’s Star. Black Widow and she has aligned many perspectives since then.


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Now Johansson and Evans have signed on to a new project that will bring them together again. By Deadlinethe two actors are set to star in a hot new movie titled Project Artemis. Fresh off its Best Picture win for CODAApple TV+ won the rights to the project for over $100 million after a fierce bidding war.

Project Artemis will be directed by Jason Bateman and written by Rose Gilroy (daughter of writer-director Dan Gilroy and actress René Russo). the Development stopped and ozark star has directed episodes of both shows as well as two movies, big words and The fang of the familybut Project Artemis will be Bateman’s best chance yet to show off his chops behind the camera. Gilroy is also looking to make a name for himself as a screenwriter since this will be his first film. Plot details are being kept under wraps, though, as the title suggests, Project Artemis will be opposed to the Space Race.

Project Artemis isn’t actually the only upcoming project that could bring the two stars together. In 2020, Evans was in talks to star in a Little Shop of Horrors remake and it was also reported that Johansson was the studio’s first choice to play the female lead. There has been no further news on that front and with the two stars now set to reunite on Project Artemis, he probably fell by the wayside. This will mark Evans’ second collaboration with Apple TV+ after Ghost, who was originally set to play Johansson before being replaced by Ana de Armas. Hope Johansson and Evans stay on board Project Artemis and finally having their highly anticipated post-MCU reunion.

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