Salisbury Reds bus service cuts due to driver shortage


Bus operator Salisbury Reds is making temporary cuts to services due to a driver shortage, from Sunday.

The company is introducing the changes due to a “temporary shortage of staff”, which has recently caused many short-term changes to bus timetables in Salisbury.

The changes will affect services R11, PR11, PR9 and PR15, from Sunday October 17th.

Driver shortages have been a national problem in recent months, and Salisbury Reds has responded by revising its schedules.

The company says it has also been affected by delays in issuing provisional driving licenses from the DVLA.

Changes to services from Sunday

From Sunday October 17, the starting point of R11 service (Sunday only) direction Old Sarum will start at stop J, in Castle Street, outside of Iceland.

From Monday, October 18 PR11 service to Old Sarum will also switch to stop J, and services Monday through Saturday will reduce the frequency from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes.

This service arriving in the city center will no longer end at Blue Boar Row, but will instead stop at Endless Street (on request to the driver), then end at Castle Street at the J.

The Park-and-ride at Beehive continues to be out of order and will not be served.

Also from Monday, Monday to Saturday, both the PR9 Britford Park and Ride and the PR15 Petersfinger Park and Ride services will also be reduced in frequency from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes.

Salisbury Reds recommends passengers download the Salisbury Reds app to track their buses in real time.

“We have revised our schedules”, says the director

Salisbury Reds Managing Director Alex Chutter said: “Like many businesses in recent months, we have been affected by a temporary shortage of staff, especially drivers.

“As we continue to welcome new colleagues to our company, delays in obtaining provisional licenses from DVLA in early summer impacted the number of drivers available for work.

“This means we have had short term trip cancellations for which we apologize to any aggrieved guest.

“We have therefore revised our schedules based on current demand levels, in order to minimize inconvenience for our customers,

“There are some minor reductions in the frequency of our PR9, PR11 and PR15 relay parking services – to ensure that our customers are able to plan their trips with us and to avoid any short-term disruptions.

“We also advise those who travel with us to download our app, so that they can follow our buses in real time.”

He added that the company is currently recruiting drivers, and it doesn’t matter if the candidates have never driven a bus before: “We just want to see if they have the skills and then we will provide full driver training.

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