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However Meghan Markle is often cited as an example of a working woman who married into the British royal family, she is far from the first to wear this coat. More modern generations have set the stage for Markle by giving up their chosen professions after marrying into the family. Of princess diana at Kate Middletonit’s no longer a foreign concept for a royal bride to have a successful career before devoting herself to The Firm.

Historically, royal wives tended to be upper-class noble women from Britain or other kingdoms in Europe, so it’s a refreshing change of pace that the latest generation of royal wives have worked real 9-5 jobs before marrying into the family. Meghan Markle gave up her acting career to marry Prince Harry, but she’s not the first working woman in the royal family, nor the first actress either.

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Wallis Simpson, actress

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Queen Elizabeth’s uncle, former King Edward VIII, married American actress Wallis Simpson. Their impending marriage in conjunction with Simpson’s status as a divorcee caused a constitutional crisis, leading him to abdicate the throne less than a year after ascending it. The marriage was obviously a love match, as it lasted until his death in 1972. In more recent history, another royal bride worked a very different job before her royal wedding, and she is a far more beloved figure. among royal fans.

Princess Diana, childcare

Princess Diana smiles while wearing a black off-the-shoulder dress and matching necklace
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Princess Diana married Prince Charles when she was just 20, but she had already had quite a few jobs under her belt by then. The famous loving mother obviously always had a soft spot for children, as a number of her early professions included working with young people. She was a children’s dance teacher for a time before suffering a skiing accident, which caused her to miss work. She soon found a job as a preschool playgroup assistant and later worked as a nanny for an American family living in London.

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She also worked as an assistant for a kindergarten teacher at the Young England School. Along with some of these jobs, Diana did cleaning jobs for her older sister and her friends and acted as a hostess at parties. Diana quit her job as a nanny after announcing her engagement to Charles in 1981.

Sarah Ferguson, an assortment of jobs

Sarah Ferguson points in the distance.  She wears an emerald green dress and matching hat
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A few years after Diana’s nuptials, which were televised around the world and became a cultural touchstone, came Sarah Ferguson’s wedding to Prince Andrew. Prior to getting married, Ferguson, or Fergie as she is commonly known, held several jobs, including as a housekeeper and waitress as a teenager. After graduating as a secretary at 18, Ferguson worked for an art gallery and two different PR firms in London before moving to a publishing house.

Sophie, Public Relations

The Countess of Wessex smiles while wearing a white dress and red necklace
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Another modern royal bride is the wife of Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son: Sophie, Countess of Wessex. Sophie worked in public relations before she married Edward, and in fact, that’s exactly how they first met. At the time, Sophie was working for Capital Radio in the press and promotions department.

The stars weren’t aligned for the future couple yet as Edward was dating Sophie’s friend. Years later, the two met again at a different event and hit it off. They enjoyed a long courtship during which Sophie continued to build her career. In 1996, Sophie launched her own public relations agency, RJH Public Relations, which she ran with a partner for five years.

Kate Middleton, accessories buyer

Kate Middleton smiles while wearing a white top and matching hat
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Apart from Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton is the last active woman to marry into the royal family. Middleton and her husband, Prince William, met in college and had an on-going relationship for years, which made Middleton a popular target for paparazzi. Middleton faced the constant barrage of photographers even at work, one of his former employers has revealed.

The Duchess of Cambridge worked as a part-time accessories buyer for clothing brand Jigsaw for 12 months after graduating from university. While she and William were at school, they were protected by law from the overreach of the press, but their graduation meant it was open season for the media. As a result, the former Middleton boss recalled seeing photographers hiding outside to take Middleton’s picture as a common occurrence and praised the young woman for her grace under pressure.

After completing this work, Middleton organized a photography exhibition, showing that his interest in photography goes back a long way. Middleton has also done a lot of volunteer work, which has no doubt prepared her for her current busy life as a royal.

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