Paola makes shocking revelation about Russ jobs


90 Day Fiancé’s Paola Mayfield seemingly pokes fun at Russ Mayfield’s abilities while revealing private and shocking details about his previous jobs.

By responding to a 90 day fiancé fan, Paola Mayfield has revealed that Russ Mayfield was fired from two jobs and that she was the one who saved him at the time. This is not the first time that Paola has publicly attacked her husband. A few days ago, she posted a video on Instagram to poke fun at her financial situation. In the video, Paola mentioned that enemies think she is a gold digger. But she called her critics, saying Russ didn’t have the money to start. Numerous 90 day fiancé fans didn’t like Paola making fun of her husband on social media.

But that didn’t deter her from sharing personal information about her family. While Russ tries to keep his relationship status a secret, Paola doesn’t like to pretend all is well. In August, Paola’s manager revealed the couple were taking a break from each other. The manager claimed Paola and Russ were on hiatus and not considering divorce yet. she informed 90 day fiancé Viewers as the duo try to resolve their marital issues during therapy. However, it doesn’t seem like the advice is working for Paola and Russ.


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The Colombian native recently recorded a video responding to a critic, who said: “He could’ve done BANK in the Oklahoma oilfield but you all moved to Florida then in a van lol.Responding to the reviewer, Paola made shocking revelations about her husband’s career and jobs. She claimed Russ was fired from two jobs. Former TLC star Paola applauded her reviewer and said Russ had first lost his job in Oklahoma, and then he couldn’t find a job for a year. She helped him find a job in Miami, but he was also fired from that job. Watch the video reposted by a @ 90daytrollin fan page on Instagram:

Paola claimed that she had saved him and his family because she had a great career and “all the crazy things.“She told the reviewer to clarify the facts before making a guess. While Paola seemed very proud of her accomplishments, many fans found the video offensive. One fan said:”She needs to humiliate herself because Miss Pow-la wouldn’t be around doing the “crazy things she does” without him.“Another fan commented,”Russ would have done the same for her if she had lost her “job” … he also made sacrifices, it’s not a competition.

After watching this video, it doesn’t look like Paola and Russ are reconciling. It’s understandable that Paola wanted to share facts with her critic. However, the way she did it seemed quite disrespectful. If she wanted to clear up the confusion, she could have simply revealed that she took care of her family when Russ was out of work. But she chose to criticize her husband’s abilities on social media. Always, 90 day fiancé Alum Paola cannot be blamed as she apparently just laid out facts to retaliate against her foe.

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