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FRIENDS OF RANDY FROM SANIBEL First place went to the No Ragrets team, consisting of Holly Smith, Jason Smith, Peggy Leedy, Michael Leedy, Mary Ellen Pfeifer, Eric Pfeifer, Mark Pfeifer, Chris Miller, Aaron Pruss and Sam Ankerson .

The Friends of Randy of Sanibel announced the winners of the 42nd Annual Road Rally, held July 4 from the Timbers Restaurant & Fish Market in Sanibel. Proceeds raised this year will support Community Housing and Resources and its mission to provide affordable housing.

The highest ranked teams and last finishers were as follows:

– First place: No Ragrets

– Second place: Sea Gals

– Third place: Mermaid Mafia

RANDY’S FRIENDS OF SANIBEL Composed of Rebecca Cosentino, Sarah Berger, Dawn Ramsey, Racheal Peach and Bobbye Drobnyk, the Sea Gals team took second place.

– Fourth place: The Bookworms

– Last coveted place: AGCO Bird

The rest of the rally teams arrived as follows:

– Fifth place: Karas Kruisers

– Sixth place (tie): Island Time and Trotting Turtles

RANDY’S FRIENDS FROM SANIBEL Third place goes to the Mermaid Mafia team, consisting of Mary Beth Greenplate, Chelle Walton, Karyn Hill, Khristy Scheer and Colleen Banes.

– Seventh place: Plays for Days

– Eighth place: Driving Mrs Crazy

– Ninth place: Rally’n for Reeses

– 10th place (tie): Beach Bums and Poppies Posse

– 11th place: Long Shots

FRIENDS OF RANDY FROM SANIBEL Composed of Cathy Vogel, Joel Vogel, Jenny Vogel and Stephen Feder, Team AGCO Bird took the coveted final spot.

– 12th place: Team Gin & Tonic

– 13th place: Sanibel Sassy Sunshine

– 14th place: Do not spill the tea

– 15th place (tied): Yippe Sistas, The San-Cap Guide and The Rowdy Roseates

– 16th place: The Angels of Carleigh

RANDY’S FRIENDS OF SANIBEL The Rowdy Roseates tied for the best decorated vehicle. The team members were Catherine Ford, Erica Thomas, Deborah Makowski and Miggy Hurd.

– 17th place (tie): Rally in My Pants and The Hooligans

– 18th place: Show me 5

– 19th place: Rallye Rosens

– 20th place: Shelma & the Breezes

– 21st place: SanCap PakNShip Snowbirds

RANDY’S FRIENDS OF SANIBEL Keep the palm and continue in a tie for the best decorated vehicle. The team members were Roger Timm, Tayana Pettinat, Alexis Gigee, Nate Gigee, Greg Kerns, Nicole McHale and Rebecca Kerns.

– 22nd place: Keep Palm and Carry On

– 23rd place: Buns & Weiners

– 24th place: Sanibel Road Warriors

– 25th place: Bailey

– 26th place: St. Michael’s Angels

– 27th place: White Wolf

– 28th place: Tennessee Turners

– 29th place: The Karnos

– 30th place: Twin Palms — Twice the fun

– 31st place: Gobshites

– 32nd place: Chi — Bel

– 33rd place: Best in Show

– 34th place (tie): Seagrape Yachtsman and Sip of Sunshine

– 35th place (ex aequo): Red, White & Birds and Chebbie

– 36th place: Nanny’s Nuts

– 37th place: Crash Test Dummies

– 38th place: Red White & Bulldog

– 39th place: Wineaux

– 40th place: The Bubble Car

The annual competition consists of criss-crossing the islands to correctly answer as many questions as possible. Prizes are awarded to first, second and third place teams based on a points system. No Ragrets took first place, Sea Gals finished second, Mermaid Mafia finished third, and CAJO Bird took last place.

In addition, a team is selected as the best decorated vehicle and receives a prize. This year, two teams – The Rowdy Roseates and Keep Palm and Carry On – are tied for recognition.

The public also participated in a 50/50 raffle. Winner Jessica Hinkle returned her winnings.


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