Nanny Jobs: Why No One Wants That $ 125,000 Role



HE COMES with a huge salary, reasonable hours, accommodation and a very generous vacation. But he also has a glaring grip.

It sounds like a dream job – with a salary of $ 125,000, 28 days of annual leave plus statutory holidays, a 48 hour week and accommodation included.

But there’s a very good reason why job seekers don’t break through doors to hand in their resumes.

The role, which was recently posted on the parenting site, is for a full-time, home-based nanny – but desperate parents admitted the children’s behavior was so ‘difficult’ than the previous three nannies. of the family have all left the post in the past six months alone.

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Now parents in Leicestershire, UK are looking for a new person to look after their two children, aged seven and nine – and they’ve let the kids make all the rules.

“To make sure we found someone perfect, we decided to let the kids tell us exactly what they wanted, and that’s what they came up with,” the ad said.

1. We want to play soccer and other stuff with them

2. I want them to play Fortnite and FIFA with me

3. I want them to be fun and have no rules and we want to stay awake at any time we want.

4. We want to bake daily cakes and eat pizza for dinner all the time.

5. We never want them to be mad at us

6. They have to do all our homework and I don’t want to do any chores

According to the parents, the children promised to behave well for the new recruit – as long as they are obeyed at all times.

“If they are nice to us, we promise not to be mean or play pranks on them and we will always be nice to them.” But if they yell at us or are mean, then we’ll be mean and get mad, ”the children said in the ad.

“Even though we know our kids are a little picky, they really are adorable kids once you get to know them and I just hope we can find someone willing to accommodate their requests,” the parents continued.

The successful candidate will be paid well above the UK average salary, which is around A $ 49,000.

By comparison, nannies trained at England’s exclusive Norland College – considered one of the best schools in the world for childcare and which has royal nanny Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo among its alumni – have an average starting salary. of just A $ 55,000, while the average salary for nursery jobs in the UK is around A $ 34,000.

And in addition to the generous annual salary of $ 125,000, the new nanny will also only work 48 hours per week, with 28 days of annual leave per year in addition to all statutory holidays.

The successful job seeker will also have their own private accommodation, including their own bathroom and bedroom, and in addition to the demands of the children, they will also have to take the children to school each day as well as’ helping the children. kids doing homework. / Do it for them ”.

“We know that letting children do what they want is not a conventional way of parenting, but we much prefer that they are happy and satisfied while we are away,” the ad states.

The parents explained that they both worked in demanding careers and were often away from home or abroad for “several days at a time.”



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