How Netflix, Disney+ and other streaming services are changing the global TV industry


netflix showed the power of global television with hits like “Money Heist” and “Squid Game”, and others entertainment companies have followed his example by expanding their diffusion international services.

Disney’s platforms, including Disney+, Hulu and Star, are now present on six continents. WarnerMedia’s HBO Max landed in Latin America and Europe, with Asia on the horizon. And NBCUniversal, ViacomCBS and Discovery are bringing their services to more parts of the world.

But the approach is not unique.

Netflix spent years forging ties with local creators around the world before landing hits like South Korean show “Squid Game” and French series “Lupin.”

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HBO Max, which expanded into Latin America and Europe last year, is also leaning into local language programming and accelerating the development of unscripted programming in places like Europe.

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Corn disney, on the other hand, has relied on sports to propel its Disney+ streaming service to places like India. Amazon is also investing heavily in local content in India, where it has grown its Prime shipping business.

Content is king, as they say. But that’s not the only differentiator for global streamers.

In the Middle East, local streamer StarzPlay increased its market share by adapting its payment strategy to consumers who do not have a credit card. Its payment strategy includes partnerships with 26 regional telecoms; monthly, weekly and daily subscription plans that vary by country; and options like micro-fees.

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As competition intensifies, Netflix and StarzPlay companies will need to be more creative in how they leverage partnerships to grow overall streaming TV audiences around the world.

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