Hamilton shows why more musicals should be available on streaming services


Once a professional film in the Broadway production of hamilton premiering on Disney+ in 2020, it gave millions the chance to see a musical like never before. Fans may be lucky enough to have their favorite show adapted for film, but even that comes with a whole host of other issues when it comes to translating something from stage to screen. We lose a bit in this translation.

It turns out that musicals are one of the most inaccessible forms of media. If one can’t afford to go to a physical stage on Broadway or London’s West End, it’s unlikely to come into contact with most musicals. Many people are simply not in the right geographic location to see musicals. If you don’t live in a city with an active theater scene, you have no choice but to listen to a cast album (if available) or buy a script book (again , only if available).


Professionally shot stage shows are a fantastic potential solution to this lack of accessibility. Fans of the genre have been advocating professionally shot stage shows for years, but the idea has met with backlash. The main argument against professionally shot musicals is that some believe that greater accessibility would discourage people from attending live productions. But with no way to gauge whether or not that was true, music fans were left unsatisfied. Until summer 2020 when hamilton has been added to Disney+.

hamiltonThe professional recording of was made during the show’s initial run and features the show’s original cast. The show needs no introduction; he’s a musical colossus who has helped revitalize interest in the musical community as a whole. An incredible historical narrative steeped in hip-hop, hamilton takes us through the founding of the United States with rhymes clever enough to make even Shakespeare blush. The show first exploded after its Broadway debut in 2015, with the show receiving massive buzz and 11 Tony Awards. Originally slated to premiere in theaters in 2021, hamilton was made available on Disney+ due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was an immediate smash hit. TV analytics firm Samba TV said the musical played in more than 2.7 million homes in its first 10 days.

It was, as the numbers indicate, massively popular, and its re-emergence into public consciousness reinvigorated a passion for musicals. hamilton answered the question of whether making professional recordings would affect a show’s popularity with a resounding “no.” The recording was well received by fans of the musical and newcomers alike, highlighting for all audiences the unique benefits of preserving stage performances in this way.

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hamilton shows us how promising stage recordings are. People could still go see hamilton on Broadway of course, but seeing it with the original cast on its original stage is something very few will ever have experienced. Professional recording allows the award-winning performances of these stars to reach a much wider audience than a normal stage production. Along with that, it also offers a fuller version of the show.

Showing the actors’ actual performances and directing adds layers to the songs and the show as a whole. Listening to “Burn” is a punch in itself, but watching Philip SooEliza’s sobbing as she burns the letters adds a lot to the experience. Cabinet battles are made more entertaining with the use of microphones to make it a real rap battle. The subtle differences in staging between “Satisfied” and “Helpless” show the difference in perspective between Angelica (Renee Elise Goldsberry) and Elisa. Musicals are both visual and aural and the ability to capture a show in its original sound and staging is something that is still extremely rare. Trying to experience a musical with just the music is like trying to understand a graphic novel with just the pictures; you can probably get the gist, but a lot of the nuance is missing. Professional recordings allow us to exploit this nuance more and present a theatrical production in the most complete way possible without having to set foot in a theater.

Hamilton’The professional recording of s is a triumph as it shows that not only are the recordings capable of delivering an engaging and complete version of their original productions, but also that there is a voracious audience for these recordings when they are made available. . Dianaa musical about the life of Princess Diana, did not receive the same success as hamilton did when it debuted on Netflix a few months ago, but audiences still jumped on it regardless.

We can’t yet say how making professionally shot musicals more easily accessible will impact ticket sales for live shows, but the resounding success of hamilton shows that there’s definitely money to be made here and an enthusiastic base of rabid music fans waiting for the next big thing. Even before Hamilton’s pro-shot came out, musical bootlegs were (and still are) widely distributed online, so professional recordings can act as a deterrent to such illegal recordings. If professional recordings were more readily available, people would be less likely to watch illegal recordings online since, when given the opportunity, fans wanting to watch the program would likely prefer to shell out a few dollars for a well-produced product rather than a poor quality product. mobile phone check-in from the mezzanine. With professional recordings, producers can earn money from both live broadcasts and sales of the digital copy.

Professional recordings offer a good compromise. Making full theatrical adaptations is expensive and extremely difficult to achieve, but a professional recording allows music producers to wrap their already finished product in a shiny new box and ship it to a giant hungry audience who couldn’t get their hands on it. above. before. With luck, hamilton will mark the beginning of a new era of filmed musicals; one where we can have our musicals both as dynamic adaptations like the ones in 2021 In the heights and like brilliant stage recordings like hamilton. There’s a demand for professionally recorded musicals, now it’s up to the producers to respond.

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