Half of workers would consider changing jobs if the four-day week were offered


According to a new study, around 50% of workers would consider changing employers if a four-day work week were offered. Staffing firm Hays said a study of more than 9,600 people found that two in five believe a four-day week will become a reality within the next few years.

About 53% of respondents said they would be tempted to switch to an organization offering a four-day week. Most respondents believed that a shorter work week would improve their mental health and well-being.

Gaelle Blake, from Hays, said: “We are seeing companies become more creative in what they can offer potential staff when trying to recruit in a competitive market. However, if employers do not master the basics such as offering competitive salaries with flexible and hybrid working, the majority of professionals will look elsewhere for employers who have the fundamentals in hand.

“In our experience, there are still only a handful of companies offering a four-day week, for example, and while this is an attractive offer, there are plenty of other ways for companies to stand out. Actions such as having a strong objective and offering staff to take volunteer days is attractive, as is introducing well-being days.”

Around 60 companies will take part in a four-day week-long trial next month. This is organized by a group campaigning for a shorter working week with no loss of pay.


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