Governor’s public safety plan includes spending on mental health services


ALBANY, NY (NEWS10) – Governor Kathy Hochul said public safety is a top priority. While the governor’s office isn’t releasing specific details about a proposed 10-point public safety plan, reports have said it includes new spending for mental health services.

“I was on the subway,” Governor Kathy Hochul said at a news conference Monday. “We are working with our teams to help people who are on the subway find any mental health services they may need or supportive housing.”

Also reported on the plan – extending the use of involuntary commitment which would apply to those who pose a danger to themselves due to self-neglect.

Mathew Shapiro, director of the New York State National Alliance on Mental Illness, said he supports the bill.

“Obviously when you’re talking about involuntary commitment, it’s a very difficult topic and you want to be very sensitive to that,” Shapiro said. “But the governor is definitely taking a very proactive stance to help the most vulnerable people affected by mental illness and those whose illnesses have caused them to live on the streets, be homeless and face myriad challenges. I am very grateful to see the governor stepping in and trying to adjust these challenges. »

The governor denied on Monday that the plan was leaked from his office to the press.

“We tried to make progress behind the scenes and that was presented as our position to management,” Hochul said. It doesn’t matter how it came out, but I assure you that’s not how I operate.

Just nine days away from the budget deadline, Governor Hochul said she will not negotiate in public and will continue to meet with those with concerns and work to bring people together.


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