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Fiji’s childcare services have gained international popularity in the tourism sector with a returnee bringing her baby this time around as she continues to explore the country.

Meimei Nanny Services at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort. Photo: Outrigger

Fiji’s childcare services have gained international popularity in the tourism sector with a returnee bringing her baby this time around as she continues to explore the country.

A British travel writer and producer living in Sydney has described Fiji as a family destination, after her first visit in 2008 when she arrived as a fresh-faced backpacker, island-hopping through the Yasawas.

Hayley Lewis has vowed to return as soon as possible, she wrote, “A beautiful planet”an online destination guide, which was a highlight of Tourism Fiji’s latest newsletter.

“Fast forward to 2022, I have finally returned to Fiji, this time as a mum for a family vacation,” she wrote.

“We loved the nannies at Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort.”

Fearing at first to leave her baby as she had never used a babysitter before, Ms Lewis said the nannies were warm and kind and, most importantly, her baby ‘loved spending time with them’.

“In fact, the first time I went to pick him up, he didn’t want to leave,” she said.

“We have used the service several times and it was nice to see familiar faces each time we dropped off our little boy.”

“He had a great time at the kids club – meeting other babies and playing with new toys.”

“So I thought I’d share my experience and some tips for getting the most out of Fiji with a baby.”

She lists international brands such as Sofitel, Sheraton, Hilton, Marriott, InterContinental and ShangriLa as some of the best places on the continent.

“The benefit of staying in Viti Levu is that you can experience day-to-day Fijian life, visit local markets, villages and more, as well as enjoy the luxury of a beach resort,” Hayley said.

Here are excerpts from her story on the perfect Fiji vacation with a baby, as published in A Lonely Planet Fijians are incredibly friendly and warm.

Many resorts are very well equipped for families and children.

One of the most important decisions you will make, when booking a trip to Fiji, is deciding where to stay. Some resorts are for adults only.

However, there is a huge choice of resorts and family-friendly accommodation, so you have plenty of options.

On our recent trip, we stayed at two resorts in different locations, Outrigger Fiji Beach Resort in Sigatoka on the south coast of Viti Levu and Plantation Island Resort in Malolo Lailai in the Mamanuca Islands. Both were excellent.

However, if I was traveling to Fiji again with children, I would probably pick one place to avoid the hassle of moving mid-term.

On the plus side, I have now experienced both mainland and island resorts in Fiji with a baby, and each offers different benefits.

The downside of traveling to the islands is that you will have access to fewer facilities.

However, most major resorts have some sort of medical center and shop on site.

There is also less “local” life, although most resorts offer an excursion, nearby village and cultural activities.

Depending on flight schedules, you can also request one night in Nadi at the start/end of your stay, in order to make departures by boat.

Nanny service

When selecting a resort, pay attention to whether it offers nanny service.

Most family resorts do, but not all.

Also, their services and cost vary depending on where you are staying.

At the time of writing, FJ$6-20 FJD was a typical range.

Nannies are a great option if you’re traveling to Fiji with a baby, as it means you can take a break from parenthood, go on a baby-free excursion, or enjoy a mess-free dinner.

Note that most resorts require a minimum age of six months and older for nannies.

Some resorts, such as Vomo Island Resort, include four hours of baby butler service per day in the rate, while others offer general resort staff as nannies for a much cheaper rate.

If you’re nervous about leaving your little one, then it’s worth looking into the service offered at each resort to make sure you’re comfortable.

Kids club

Most family resorts have a kids’ club. Children generally need to be three years and older to attend, unless accompanied by a parent/nanny, but we found this to be a great place to take the baby.

The Plantation Island Resort’s kids’ club is excellent, with two outdoor parks, an indoor play center, and plenty of toys and activities.

It was a great place for the baby to burn energy and crawl in a safe environment.

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