“Evil Nanny”: Is the Movie “Nightmare Nanny” a True Story? With Lindsay Elston, Nichole Sterling



Thinking of hiring a home nanny? You’ll think twice after seeing the new Lifetime Television movie, Bad nanny, which tells the story of a babysitter who becomes fatal after refusing to leave the house after the couple fires her. evil nanny, formerly titled Nightmare Nanny, is a gripping new thriller written by Naomi L. Selfman and directed by Jared Cohn. The TV movie, which stars Lindsay Elston, Nichole Sterling and Matthew Pohlkamp, ​​is produced by Encino-California-based production company Asylum Entertainment. Filming took place in Los Angeles, California.

Film synopsis evil nanny For life

Fay is preparing to return to work after being a wife and stay-at-home mom. Before returning to the workforce, Fay must hire a full-time nanny to look after her baby while she is away. Fay’s husband, Tim, agrees with the plan to hire someone to help him. But finding the right person will not be an easy task. Determined to find the perfect nanny, Fay ultimately chooses Jen, a highly skilled nanny who seems to have the skills to meet all of their needs.

Excited to have finally found someone who meets her expectations, Fay is bewildered when all hell breaks loose in her house after the highly skilled self-styled nanny nearly kills the baby due to her neglect. In addition, Jen shies away from her responsibilities and engages in risky behavior. From partying and acting inappropriately to drinking and disrespecting at home, Jen has clearly overstepped her limits, and Fay and Tim are ready to send this crazy nanny to pack her bags.


But just as they fire her and send her on her way, Jen shows them who has the upper hand when she refuses to leave the house, where she is considered a legal resident. See, Jen knows and understands tenant laws like the back of her hand, so she has no plans to leave her wonderful new home.

Now this nightmare nanny has full control over her bosses turned roommates as she plays her role as the nightmare nanny everyone dreads. Stubborn and resilient, Jen taunts and plays with Fay and Tim until they’re at their wit’s end? Who will survive? Will Fay’s family come out of this situation alive or will this evil nanny take everyone with her?

Here is a real evil nanny Story

According to Best Darn Girls Movie Review, evil nanny is based on a true story or real events. While researching the film, the following story caught our attention. This is the story of Diane Stretton, a 64-year-old woman who allegedly terrorized a family after refusing to move after being fired, according to The fire.

Stretton was hired by Ralph and Marcella Bracamonte, a California couple who hired her as a nanny in their home. Instead, they say she stopped working and refused to come out after telling her to leave.

From there it turned into a nightmare after the nanny allegedly started threatening to sue the family if she didn’t turn on the air conditioner. The unwanted tenant also called the police to report that the Bracamonte’s television was too loud. According to CNNStretton even wanted the Bracamonts to leave their own house for hours at a time so that it could have more privacy.

When the shocking story broke in 2014, Diane Stretton was dubbed the “Nightmare Nanny”, “Squatter Nanny” and “Hell’s Nanny”.

One of the most infamous nanny movies is the 1992 film The hand that cradles the cradle, with Annabella Sciorra and Rebecca De Mornay. In 2013, Lifetime released a similar film titled The nightmare nanny.

According to New York Times, for life evil nanny premieres this Saturday at 8 p.m. Last week, the film Mom i didn’t do it aired on the Lifetime channel.

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