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Stevie Wainwho wrote, co-directed and starred in the pilot episode of the drama series Day jobsfirst started developing the script for the show while working as a nanny, which was one of the main inspirations to create the concept surrounding Day jobs. As an aspiring young comedian in Los Angeles, the reality of financial security plays a big role in pursuing his dreams. Many who venture into Hollywood sometimes find themselves taking on new jobs to pursue their dreams, and that’s ultimately what it’s all about. The series is best described as a crossover between shows like the Netflix original series Feel good and Issa Raethe comedy series Insecure. The scenario of Day jobs was selected as a 2021 Walt Disney Television Writing Program Semi-Finalist, placing in the top 77 out of 2,000 submissions. Besides the notoriety of Day jobs screenplay and later pilot, Wain’s screenplay for A new hope was a finalist for the 2021 Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, placing in the top 50 out of 5,000 applicants.


After Day jobs had its world premiere at Austin Film Festival 2022the pilot won the Audience Award for Digital Produced Serieson par with competitor Mount Mystic Rangerswritten and directed by Jeremiah Dunlap. The pilot episode is 30 minutes long and was filmed in just five days. To do this, Wain created a crowdfunding campaign in 2021 with a goal of $6,500. The campaign ended after exceeding the initial goal, raising more than $7,500 from private investors. In this article, we will detail everything you need to know about Day jobsas well as what’s yet to come for the budding series.

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What are day jobs?

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The slice-of-life show is designed to focus on “the people you were before you became the person you were meant to be”, emphasizing the importance of emphasizing each character’s “journey” rather than their “destination”. Following the sequels of Stevie Tripp (played by writer and director, Stevie Wain) coming out as a lesbian to her longtime boyfriend, Jason (Jared Kassebaum), Stevie is faced with the contradiction between who she currently is and the person she wants to be. She is determined to find a way to pay her ex-boyfriend half the rent while the two continue to share their apartment as roommates. As Stevie struggles to advance in her acting career, she considers becoming a nanny to supplement her income. Stevie ends up having a terrible interview with a family, causing her nanny profile rating to plummet. Frustrated with her situation, she decides to reach out to her ex-girlfriend Scarlett to demand the return of her mother’s diamond necklace.

Stevie met and fell in love with Scarlett when she and Jason decided to try an open relationship, but was ultimately hurt when Scarlett chose to stay with her husband and start a family. After the two women share a bonding moment around Scarlett’s son, they fall into old habits and end up sleeping together. Scarlett suggests that Stevie be her nanny while her husband is out of town. In an earlier conversation with Jason, it was revealed that he was against the idea of ​​her getting back together with Scarlett after their previous relationship dissolved. After a brief moment of inner turmoil, Stevie agrees to the arrangement. The two then begin a secret affair destined for self-discovery…and potential disaster. Now that Stevie feels like she doesn’t “stand in her own way” anymore, she finds the courage to finally perform at an open mic night and tell her story. Day jobs is a slightly autobiographical comedy freely based on creator Stevie Wain’s own personal experiences with date as a lesbian.

Is there a trailer for day jobs?

Yes there is! You can check it below:

Who is part of the Day Jobs cast and crew?

Stevie Wain is a multifaceted performer in this series. She wrote the screenplay, co-directed with Auri Jackson (Ladywood), and starred in the pilot episode as the main character, Stevie Tripp. Wain is the executive producer of Day jobs in the same way Branson River as supervising producer and Kevin Stiller as director of photography. Stevie Wain also worked in the camera and electrical department for the 2015 documentary, The hunting ground. In addition to writing, directing and acting, Wain also does stand-up comedy in Los Angeles and runs his own comedy show, It’s so gay! which features up-and-coming LGBTQ comedians.

Becca Buckalew co-stars in Day jobs as Stevie’s love interest, Scarlett. Buckalew was recently seen in the TV series The pact like Stella. His son, Beckett Buckalewmade its debut in Day jobs like Scarlett’s child. Jared Kassebaum also made his debut in Day jobs, playing Jason, Stevie’s ex-boyfriend turned best friend. Her character plays a pivotal role in providing crucial support to Stevie as she navigates being gay and continues her acting career. Michael Sutherland and Morgan Page (RESIDENCE) play the parents from Venice who interview Stevie for a nanny position, only for the interview to spiral out of control. Sutherland is best known for the short film california dreams and the 2012 movie, The way of glass.

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Where and when can I view Daily Jobs?

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The future of Day jobs is still up in the air for now as Stevie Wain plans to continue showing her pilot at film festivals over the next year. Wain said she wanted to find “the right home” for her series and indicated her intention to continue the series for up to four seasons if possible. Once the “right home” for Day jobs was found, Wain intends to have eight episodes for the first season. While we eagerly await more updates and information on this series, you can check out some of the shows that influenced Stevie Wain along the way.

Shows like Day Jobs you can watch now


Feel good (2020-2021): This series is a semi-autobiographical comedy-drama created by and starring Mae Martin. The show follows a fictionalized version of Mae as a non-binary comedian who strikes up a relationship with a closeted woman, George (Charlotte Ritchie). The two meet at a comedy club where Mae has just finished stand-up comedy and soon after they start dating. George quickly learns that Mae is a recovering drug addict and tries his best to help her, but Mae’s struggle with addiction begins to cause a rift in their relationship. This is only made worse by George’s reluctance to come out to his friends and family. The two seasons of Feel good are available to stream on Netflix.

Watch on Netflix

normal people (2020): This romantic limited series is based on Sally Rooney‘s 2018 novel of the same name. Rooney worked with Alice Birch and Mark O’Rowe adapt the novel to the screenplay with co-directors Lenny Abramson (Franc) and Hettie Macdonald. normal people follows the ups and downs of the complex relationship between Marianne (Daisy EdgarJones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) throughout high school and later in life as undergraduates at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. The couple’s inability to communicate their feelings for each other often leaves them at odds with each other. normal people is available to stream on Hulu.

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Transparent (2014-2019): This American comedy-drama was created by one of Stevie Wain’s main influences, Joey Soloway. The series follows a Los Angeles family after their relative is revealed to be a trans woman named Maura, played by Jeffrey Drum. They try to help him in his identity transformation, but not without a few hiccups along the way. In five seasons, Transparent presents the realities of Maura’s role within her family, her profession and in the world. Transparent is available to stream on Prime Video.

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