Every Prime Video Original Movie Coming This Fall


Prime Video has announced its slate of original movies for this fall and winter, and there are several compelling movies to choose from.

There’s Sylvester Stallone’s Superhero Movie SamaritanLena Dunham’s Medieval Comedy Catherine called Birdythe Harry Styles and Emma Corrin directed my policeman, and much more. Some movies (like my policeman) are released in theaters before being available to stream on Prime Video. Others stream exclusively on Prime – we’ve noted both release dates, if any, in our list below

Here are all the original movies coming to Prime Video this fall.

The best choice: Nanny

Aisha (Anna Diop) is an undocumented Senegalese single mother trying to build a new life for her young son by working as a nanny for a wealthy and entitled couple in Manhattan. Day and night, she is harassed by the demands of this strained family, racist microaggressions and outright greed. But even sleep does not rest her, for strange nightmares of giggling look-alikes, crawling spiders and mythical creatures haunt her. Before long, they begin to creep into his waking hours as well. Are they a warning or a threat? Can she figure out their murky message in time?

In her feature debut, writer/director Nikyatu Jusu uses folklore and surreal horror to transform the all-too-real struggles of immigrant mothers into a haunting thriller. A tale of contrasts and conflict, Aisha’s humble home and cheerful community explode with bright colors, while her employer’s apartment is a grueling expanse of gray. In costume and attitude, a captivating Diop reveals the code-switching necessary to survive as a nanny. Her eyes glow with righteous fury as the lens of the nanny cameras appear around her. Twenty quivering insects and moaning human beings act as the perfect backdrop for a downward, slippery, creepy spiral. With a climax that hits as hard as a tidal wave, Nanny is a crowd pleaser. It’s no wonder it won the American Grand Jury Prize in the Sundance Drama Competition list. Whether you like thoughtful character studies or the treacherous plots found in horror, you’ll want to seek this one out. — Kristy Puchko, Associate Entertainment Editor

How to watch: Nanny

hits theaters on November 23 and is available to stream on Prime Video on December 16.

Movies Argentina, 1985

(In theaters 9/30, on Prime Video 10/21) Catherine called Birdy

(In theaters 9/23, on Prime Video 10/7) Theft/Risk

(On Prime Video 9/9) good night Oppy

(In theaters 11/4, on Prime Video 11/23) Good night mom

(On Prime Video 9/16) My Best Friend’s Exorcism

(On Prime Video 9/30) my policeman

(In theaters 10/21, on Prime Video 11/4) Nanny

(In theaters 11/23, on Prime Video 12/16) Run darling, run

(On Prime Video 10/28) Samaritan

(On Prime Video 8/26) Something from Tiffany

(On Prime Video 12/9) People we hate at marriage

(On Prime Video 11/18) Wild cat

(In theaters 12/21, on Prime Video 12/30)


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