DMV launches new website with most services online


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – The next time you visit the Nevada DMV website, you’ll notice there’s a new logo and design. The state agency is also in transition to move the majority of its services online, in hopes of ending the long lines people often see at DMV buildings.

According to a DMV press release, its technology is obsolete and this transformation is part of a 4-year, $114 investment to transition the DMV into a 21st century operation and Nevada residents can expect more. improvements in the future. The DMV said it is rethinking all aspects of its operations.

The DMV will keep its offices open to handle cases involving more complex transactions or for people who prefer face-to-face interaction. Some services will also need to be done in person, such as driving tests, obtaining real ID, and vehicle inspection.

“As more of our customers discover the benefits of transacting online, there will be fewer people needing to visit a DMV office,” said Julie Butler of DMV. “It will mean shorter wait times for in-person cases.”

DMV did a public survey and garnered over 18,000 responses about what changes people would like to see. People wanted transactions to be efficient and fast and for the agency to offer more services online to avoid a visit to the DMV.


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