Comedian Louis CK set to release new movie in Maine


Typically, the only movies set in Maine have anything to do with Stephen King novels. But there won’t be anything supernatural or horrifying about the latest film set in Maine which was developed, co-written and financed by comedian Louis CK. The film is titled “Fourth of July” and follows a mild-mannered aspiring jazz musician who travels to Maine for a weekend vacation to confront his hardened, Boston-raised family. He desperately wants to be shown love and respect, and faces great challenges with a dysfunctional family that shows love and respect in a very particular (and frankly, very New England) way. ).

If you watch the trailer for the film, chances are it will resonate with many New England families who come together in “camp upta”. Louis CK and the film’s star, comedian Joe List, co-wrote the film and recruited many of their comedic friends like Nick Di Paolo and Robert Kelly to round out an impressive cast. If you’re wondering where in Maine the movie was filmed, you can keep guessing. Lake George, New York was used as the location to portray Maine’s beautiful coastline.

“Fourth of July” will have a limited release schedule across the country. It is not known at this time if any theaters in Maine will pick up the film. Louis CK is hosting a screening of the film on Friday, July 1 at Schubert in Boston which will include a Q&A with cast members following the screening of the film.

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