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Who are the real music lovers? Some would say it’s the MP3 people who obsessively download music from the internet. It would be true if they listen at half the glut they burn, print labels and file them. No, these are just people who want something for nothing – and who will never listen that much to Dave Brubeck. Truly obsessed music fans spend their lunch hours poring over catalogs, looking for a Martin Denny or Marianne Faithfull album they might have missed, and then tracking it down.

Most hunts end here at Tracks in Wax, where Blue Book value disappears if an item doesn’t exactly fly off the shelves. While the list of vinyl albums that end up on CD continues to grow, it will never encompass this shop’s inventory of wax works. Where else can you find failed experiments like the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Orchestral Circus or Chuck Berry’s psychedelic banter at the Fillmore West with the Steve Miller Band? And both are priced depending on the opportunity, at $5.99 and $15.99, respectively.

What about countless soundtracks such as In Like Flynt and Out of sight which have not yet been recorded on CD? The usual collector’s staples like the Beatles and the Stones are well represented, with a wide selection of 45 picture sleeves and 12 inches from around the world. Plus, the walls are lined with treasures you’ve never seen except in gritty reproductions in a Gold mine magazine, at a price considerably lower than the tree prices for which the publication lists them. Not in plain sight were the thousands of 45s hidden in the back, listed in two yellow and green three-ring binders on the counter, which rarely exceed $5, even on an original label. Plus you have knowledgeable owners Dennis and Donnie who have been in this place for ages and know the kind of stuff you’ve been collecting since you were a brat. With sections split into jazz, punk, R&B, and male and female vocals, it’ll only take seconds to find what you’re looking for, but you’ll inevitably be late returning from your lunch break.


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