Amber Heard receives public words of support from action movie superstar


By Vic Medina | 8 seconds ago

If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ve probably noticed that America seems pretty united in its newfound feelings of disdain for Amber Heard. Following the revelations of Johnny Depp’s libel lawsuit against her, the actress found few Hollywood allies willing to publicly voice their support for her. Which is why you might be surprised to learn that she does indeed have a movie star in her corner: her Aquaman co-star Dolph Lundgren, who plays Nereus. The Rocky IV The actor paints a very different picture of Heard (who plays Mera) than what we’ve seen, and has nothing but good things to say about him, according to a report from

” She’s great. I had a great experience with her,” Lundgren said of Heard in the interview. “She’s very nice, nice to the crew, nice to everyone, just down to earth. She had her newborn baby with her on set with the nanny who was pretty cute. Lundgren worked with Heard the fall last in London on Aquaman 2, although recent reports indicate that his work on the film could be significantly reduced, if not completely eliminated. An online petition to have Amber Heard removed from the film completely is about to reach 4.5 million signatures.

A jury on Wednesday found that Amber Heard had indeed defamed Johnny Depp in an editorial claiming he had abused her for years. Not only does she have to pay millions in restitution, but her career and personal reputation are in shambles. Although she won a libel suit against Depp’s lawyer, there wasn’t much good news for her on the day of the verdict, except for a new interview with Lundgren published by The Independent, in which the actor called Heard “awesome”, “great”. ” and “very kind” in his experiences with her on the Aquaman and the lost kingdom Position. This film is set to hit theaters on March 17, 2023. The two also worked together on the original 2018 film.

Dolph Lundgren joins a fairly short list of celebrities willing to publicly support Amber Heard. While there are a few recognizable names on the list, most don’t exactly have a lot of mainstream support. This includes Kathy Griffin, who tweeted her support during the trial. That support probably won’t go very far, as Griffin herself is widely hated, almost as much as Heard herself is these days. Ellen Barkin, who testified against Depp at the trial, also supports Heard, as does actress Julia Fox (Uncut Gems).

Heard’s testimony on the stand was his undoing, as viewers following the televised trial found it unconvincing. The jury, in their decision, also said they did not believe her claims, but the internet went further, deriding her “performance” at the helm as a poor overact. A moment, in which Amber Heard recounted her dog stepping on a bee, has gone viral, with TikTok users taking their own spin on her delivery, as seen in this video.

Johnny Depp sued Heard for $50 million in 2020, claiming a Washington Post op-ed she wrote accused him of domestic abuse, even without naming him. The editorial fallout cost Depp several film roles, including his role as Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise with Disney and his recent role in the Harry Potter spin-off series Fantastic Beasts. Amber Heard countersued for $100 million (though she was only awarded $2 million in her counterclaim). Depp was awarded $15 million in damages by the jury, which found in favor of all of his claims.

“The disappointment I feel today is beyond words,” Amber Heard said in a statement after the verdict. “I am heartbroken that the mountain of evidence was still not enough to stand up to the disproportionate power, influence and sway of my ex-husband. I am even more disappointed with what this verdict means for other women. It pushes back the idea that violence against women should be taken seriously. Depp also responded to the verdict by saying, “The jury gave my life back to me. I am truly humbled… The best is yet to come and a new chapter has finally begun. Truth never fails.


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