A nanny agency offers support and training to set up childminders with home nurseries


The childcare agency Koru Kids applied to become a registered childcare agency with Ofsted, with the ambition to create 9,000 new nanny and childcare jobs.

Originally based in London, the childcare service expanded to Hertfordshire, Surrey and Bristol earlier this year and plans to expand to the rest of the UK later in 2021.

Koru Kids will also be launching a new program later this year, which will cover training and installation costs to help new childminders run nurseries in their own homes, which she says could earn them £ 70,000. per year.

Founded in 2016 by Rachel Carrell, Koru Kids currently has 11,000 registered nannies on its website.

Later this month, he will launch a service to help new childminders to set up a nursery style setting in their own home. This includes coverage of training and registration fees of £ 3,000, registration with Ofsted, a grant of £ 500 for installation costs, assistance at every step and help finding families in proximity.

Koru Kids hopes that by expanding its services and supporting a new wave of nanny and childcare careers, it can help those who lost their jobs during the pandemic.

Rachel Carrell, CEO and Founder of Koru Kids, said: “We see the ‘maternity penalty’ impacting our industry in a number of ways – the first and most obvious is that without high quality, flexible and affordable, and it is still the majority of mothers who cannot return to work when the UK reopens.

“The second impact we are seeing is the loss of female talent in a childcare industry that has been forgotten by this government and left completely without support, especially when they have children of their own and cannot afford it. to work.”

Koru Kids said its expansion into areas outside London has been driven by growing demand for its childcare services over the past 12 months, and said it plans to continue to expand throughout. the UK this year.

Child care agencies have been slow to take off. Brought to you by the Conservative government in 2013, there are only 10 agencies currently registered with Ofsted.

However, the past year has seen a resurgence of interest in small home day care centers, especially among newcomers to the childcare industry.

Koru Kids’ launch to help childminders and childcare novices start their own small home-based nursery echoes Tiney’s, which was launched as a childcare agency in late 2019 by the former CEO of Teach First. Brett Wigdortz.

Its ‘tech-first’ approach has proven to be popular, providing online training and business support.

During the pandemic, she also saw an increase in applications from people wishing to run ‘home day nurseries’, many of whom were new to the childcare field, who were reconsidering their careers due to the lockdown and the impact. of the pandemic.

Interviewed last year Mr Wigdortz said Nursery world, ‘It’s a different time in a different economic environment and people are looking for what to do in a post-Covid world. ‘

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