8 part-time jobs from home for retirees


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A nanny could work from home as a tutor or teacher.

5. Nanny

Share of part-time workers over 55: 11 percent

Median hourly wage: $15.15

Satisfaction rating: 76 percent

High meaning note: 74 percent

If you didn’t already know, childcare assistance is an essential service for parents. And while care providers may not be able to replicate their work exactly via screens and remote services, they may be able to apply some of their skills in a work-from-home tutoring opportunity. , teacher or camp counselor.

Of course, you would need expertise in a particular subject to teach it, but the demand for knowledge goes beyond what you might think of as a standard academic curriculum. For example, Outschool, a marketplace for online courses, provides a platform for teachers to share their knowledge and talents in a wide range of activities, such as tie his shoes, french braiding and create a Dungeons and Dragons character. You can even host your own demo or story session.

6. Receptionist

Share of part-time workers over 55: 20 percent

Median hourly wage: $11.99

Satisfaction rating: 65 percent

High meaning note: 56 percent

You don’t have to be there to be an organization’s gatekeeper. Virtual receptionists can answer calls, emails, web chats, and other messages on behalf of one or more businesses from any location. Traditionally, most receptionists have been employed in health care and social work, depending on the Bureau of Labor Statisticsbut you can find opportunities in a variety of fields.

seven. Customer Service Representative

Share of part-time workers over 55: 16 percent

Median hourly wage: $11.82

Satisfaction rating: 50 percent

High meaning note: 36 percent

If you have a phone, a computer, and an Internet connection, you have a chance of turning your home into a one-person call center. Virtual customer service representatives assist people over the phone for a variety of businesses in a range of industries, from retail to healthcare to technology. You can also provide your services online, helping customers via email, SMS, online chat, or through social media.

Although these jobs are remote, you may need to live in a certain state to do them. Be sure to check the fine print before applying.

8. Sales Associate

Share of part-time workers over 55: 13 percent

Median hourly wage: $10.72

Satisfaction rating: 53 percent

High meaning note: 33 percent

Companies in various industries, including retail, finance, and healthcare, are looking for star salespeople with varying levels of experience (and sales license, if required) to sell their products and services remotely. And despite the low hourly pay, you might be able to earn more from commissions—potentially a lot more if you’re moving cars, electronics, or other big-ticket items. Workers in some higher-level (and higher-paying) positions can even manage a remote sales team.


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