5 best babysitters in horror movie history (and the 5 worst)


These endangered babysitters sometimes sacrifice everything to protect the young children in their care from humans, monsters and bogeymen.

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Of course, not all of these babysitters are cut from the same fabric, which has led to a horror sub-genre that explores the flip side, when evil babysitters threaten their young children instead of trying to save them.

ten Best: Amanda was able to fight a madman to save his life in 1971 fear

Susan George as Amanda in Fright

the years 1971 Fright predates a number of iconic horror films that helped birth the slasher genre, which at times sees the film labeled as a proto-slasher that helped lay the foundation for the genre. Susan George played Amanda, a college student who accepts a babysitting job in a large house in the country.

She soon finds herself falling prey to her employer’s ex-husband, Brian, who first kills Amanda’s boyfriend before continuing to torment Amanda and the young girl under his watch. When her ex returns home, he almost kills her before Amanda can fight him. When he holds the child hostage, his mother manages to free her before Amanda kills Brian.

9 Worse: Jill Johnson didn’t check the kids (when a stranger calls)

Carol Kane as Jill Johnson in When a Stranger Calls

One of the most well-known horror films in the babysitter genre is that of 1979 When a stranger calls, which starred Carol Kane as babysitter Jill Johnston. She babysits a doctor’s kids when she begins to receive threatening phone calls asking if she’s checked on the kids, which she hadn’t done in most of the time since they slept upstairs .

When the police finally reveal that the calls are coming from inside the house, she manages to escape just as she sees the caller’s shadow. Unfortunately, the killer had already brutally murdered the children in their bedroom. He is arrested, only to escape years later to threaten her again, although he is arrested before another tragedy.

8 Best: Angie was able to fight off bad parents and a demonic child wanted by the babysitter

Sarah Thompson as Angie in Babysitter Wanted

the years 2008 Babysitter wanted followed Sarah Thompson’s Angie Albright as she took on a babysitter job to help pay for her fresh start in college. However, soon after arriving at the isolated farm to care for a strange young boy named Sam, she begins to receive threatening calls and is attacked by a mysterious scarred man.

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When she finds out he’s a priest, the typical home invasion movie is twisted when she is taken hostage by Sam’s parents, who revealed he was the devil’s child who fed on baby. -sitters. Angie is able to break free and kill the parents, although Sam can escape to find an evil new family and continue to feed off unsuspecting babysitters.

7 Worse: Sarah let her hapless kids watch VHS clown art at All Hallows’ Eve

Katie Maguire as Sarah in All Hallows Eve

Art the Clown is perhaps best known as the brutal star of the 2016s More terrifying, although it first appeared in 2013 Halloween, a horror anthology filled with gruesome murders that helped start the horror legend of the killer clown. Katie Maguire stars as Sarah in the framing story as the babysitter of two trick-or-treaters who find a VHS in their Halloween candy.

Sarah inexplicably allows children to watch the tape, which is filled with murderous stories that all tease Art the Clown. After scaring the children with the first story, she sends them to bed and finishes the tape. After the final segment teases her as the next victim, she hears the kids screaming upstairs and finds out that Art the Clown has already torn them to pieces.

6 Best: Joyce managed to survive and capture murderous children on a bloody birthday

Lori Lethin as Joyce in Bloody Birthday

nineteen eighty one Bloody birthday is another horror film that changed the genre of babysitting, as it followed a group of children who were all born during a solar eclipse, which turned them into evil children who are responsible for a number of death at the age of ten.

Joyce and Timmy Russell are siblings who soon discover the murderous intentions of young children, although they are unable to prove it. When Joyce is brought in to babysit one of the children, she is forced to fight for her life while also finding a way to expose their murders. She is able to bring two of the children to justice, while the third is able to escape to kill again.

5 Worse: Emelie’s titular star tried to abduct children after replacing their babysitter

Sarah Bolger holding a young child as Emilie titular

Sarah Bolger played the titular role Emelie in the 2015 horror, though after kidnapping and killing the original babysitter, she poses as a girl named Anna to an unsuspecting family of three whose parents are celebrating their birthdays.

Emelie accidentally killed her own child years ago and plans to kidnap one of her defendants, though she first puts them through troubling times of torment. The oldest child fights and is able to protect his siblings, even if neighbors and friends are injured or killed in the process. While stopped in her mission, Emelie escapes to potentially threaten another family.

4 Best: Kylie managed to escape and defeat the masked intruders in County Berkshire

Alysa King as Kylie Winters in County Berkshire

2014 Berkshire County followed bullied and abused teenager Kylie Winters as she is forced into babysitting following a disturbing incident at a high school party. While watching over two young children in a huge but secluded house on Halloween, she opens the door to a nighttime sleight of hand that starts a violent home invasion with men wearing pig masks.

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She discovers that the invaders of the house are part of a violent sect that has taken away other children and their babysitters. Kylie is able to escape their clutches, kill some of the masked intruders, and save the children in her care. However, one final twist proves that her whole ordeal was just the beginning as the sect continues their attack at the hospital where they are recovering.

3 Worse: a vengeful nanny tried to take revenge on the hand that cradles the cradle

Poster for The hand that rocks the cradle

Rebecca De Mornay performed in the years 1992 The hand that cradles the cradle as the pregnant wife of a disgraced obstetrician who committed suicide after being accused of sexually assaulting her patients, which led to her miscarriage.

Learning the identity of the first woman who came out against her husband, she lies about her identity and takes a job with the family as a nanny. She begins to turn the family against the woman while planning to steal the children for herself. She almost succeeds, but the family are able to work together to stop her, resulting in her death.

2 Best: Jamie Lee Curtis saved lives and fought evil as iconic Halloween babysitter

Laurie Strode is hiding from Michael Myers on Halloween

One of the best-known and iconic babysitter slasher films that helped define the genre is that of John Carpenter. Halloween, which starred Jamie Lee Curtis as teenage Laurie Strode. She is stalked throughout the film by masked Michael Myers as she prepares for her ongoing babysitting job on Halloween night.

Laurie is forced to protect young Tommy and Lindsay when Michael Myers attacks, killing his friends before attempting to kill Laurie. She is able not only to save the two children, but also to detain Michael Myers long enough for the timely intervention of Myers’ doctor, Samuel Loomis. She would continue to fight Michael Myers long after she passed her role as a babysitter.

1 Worse: the babysitter’s bee tried to sacrifice her load in a demonic ritual

Samara Bee Weaving in The Babysitter

2017 The babysitter introduced Samara Weaving as Bee, the collectible babysitter on the block who has a close friendship with young Cole, whose crush on his babysitter leaves him wondering what she does after he goes to bed . He makes a plan to stay up late to see what Bee’s nights are like when she babysits and is surprised to see her invite a few other people over.

Their night of fun quickly turns deadly when he sees them killing another teenager in order to perform a demonic ritual. Their next target is young Cole, although he manages to fight them off and survive until the sequel. Bee is able to find a degree of redemption for herself by becoming her protector in The babysitter: Killer Queen.

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