31 Best Horror TV Shows on Streaming Services


John C. McGinley stars as the titular Stan, a disgraced former sheriff who chooses to resume the battle against evil after a close call. He teams up with new sheriff Evie Barret (Janet Varney) to defend the town (and sometimes the world) from supernatural threats.

stranger things

Available on: Netflix

It seems so obvious now, but in hindsight, there was little buzz about this nostalgic teenage horror project on Netflix from the relatively unknown Duffer Brothers. Little did we know that the Stev(ph)ens Spielberg and King inspired stranger things would be one of Netflix’s biggest hits.

stranger things is set in the fictional Hawkins, Indiana in the mid-1980s. Hawkins is your typical American small town. Children like to ride bikes, play Dungeons & Dragons, and tease each other. Unfortunately, it also happens to be home to a mysterious government building on the outskirts of town that may have opened a portal to another world – a portal that will usher in several seasons of monster-fighting mayhem.

Best Streaming Horror – Tales of the Unexpected

Tales of the unexpected

Available on: Freevee (US) Sky Go (UK)

Not all horrors involve demonic creatures and the supernatural; there’s enough evil in humanity to endure years of scary storytelling, which is exactly what Tales of the unexpected operated throughout its run of nine ITV series. Some of those half-hours dipped a toe into the paranormal (who could forget the reveal of a plump baby from ‘Royal Jelly’?), but they mostly feature earthly corruption and domestic noir, like the chilling tale of child abduction ‘Flypaper’.

With 112 episodes in total, around a third were based on stories by Roald Dahl, whose name prefixed the title in the early years and who filmed fireside intros teasing what was to come. The wicked misanthropy of Dahl’s imagination is well known to those who have read his children’s books, and it found its full expression here with tales of revenge, lies, murder and cannibalism.

Best Horror TV Shows The Terror


Available on: Hulu (US), Sky Go (UK)

Based on a 2007 book of the same name by Dan Simmons, Terror season 1 tells a fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin’s Arctic expedition in 1845. In real life, the doomed men likely got lost and succumbed to the cold, but the show asks “and if there was something more sinister than the lurking low temperatures.” ?”

Terror features an impressive cast of “hey it’s that guy” guys like Jared Harris, Ciarán Hindis and Tobias Menzes. It cleverly turned into an anthology with the second season The Terror: Infamy which tells a ghost story set in a Japanese burial camp during World War II.

Best Horror TV Shows


Available on: Prime Video

Premiere in April 2021, only six months later Lovecraft Countryseries finale, Their is another TV series that understands that no embellishment is needed when cataloging Jim Crow-era horrors… but throwing some supernatural terrors into it always helps.

This Prime Video series from Little Marvin and Lena Waithe follows the Emorys, a black family in 1953 who move from North Carolina to an all-white neighborhood of Los Angeles. While in the idyllic west, seemingly living the idyllic American life, the family soon discovers that their home could be a gathering place for all manner of evil forces.

Best Horror TV Shows The Twilight Zone

The twilight zone

Available on: Paramount+

The twilight zone is an all-time television classic for good reason. Join Rod Serling on every episode for a new tale of mystery, horror and doom.

Whatever you do, however, do NOT drop your glasses.

Best Unsolved Mysteries Horror TV Shows

Unsolved mysteries

Available on: Netflix

Any sequel reboot of the classic 80s/90s true crime series Unsolved mysteries only needs one element to be considered authentic: this music. Thankfully, this modern iteration on Netflix retains a version of the original’s haunting theme. Beyond this crucial aspect, Unsolved mysteries honors the original by continuing the formula with great success.

Unsolved mysteries remains largely a real criminal enterprise. The show covers unexplained disappearances, murders and crimes. But he also spends a lot of time with the truly unexplained: the paranormal. This reboot covered UFOs and some tsunami ghosts. That, combined with the atmospheric music, makes for a scary enough watch.


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