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Chicken, fries, peas and corn… or… fish, fries, peas and corn. I’m still haunted by the repetitive menu that was served every night while my mom was studying her degree. It wasn’t until now, having a two-year-old myself, that I began to understand how difficult it is to reconcile work and family life. And as we live in an age where women can ‘have it all,’ data shows that ‘double duty’ burnout affects women at a higher rate than men. The pandemic has only exasperated those numbers, with women more likely to leave the workforce to take care of household chores. But over the past 5 years something fantastic has evolved in the tech world that has the potential to remove double duty and even the rules of the game from our domestic lives: subscription-based products and services.

Support me while I take a big swing.

According to a 2018 McKinsey study, the subscription e-commerce industry in the United States has grown by more than 100% per year, over the previous 5 years with women accounting for 60% of subscribers. While subscription services existed long before e-commerce was an end, the development of AI has made subscription services much more sophisticated and tailor-made.

And these services should not be seen as a luxury. In fact, subscription services can help lower costs for consumers through its direct-to-consumer (D2C) model. In the case of meal delivery services, companies report reduced food waste compared to supermarkets and pre-portioned meals mean less waste at home. As long as you don’t buy subscriptions you don’t need or use and then forget to cancel them, a subscription service can be an affordable way to replace tedious work and reduce the mental load that often leads to burnout. .

Here are my favorite subscription services that will transform your life:

Good chef, a meal delivery service for the whole family

I have tried many meal subscription services including frozen meals, do-it-yourself meal kits, and freshly prepared meal delivery services like Chefgood. The reason we stayed with the latter is due to the variety of ready meal delivery services and, of course, the convenience. I also love that they have a new weekly chef-prepared menu, allowing you to meet all of your food and nutritional needs with handmade meals that meet a variety of dietary needs.

How I use it: We always cook as a family, but we save it for the weekend where we can take turns cooking in bulk and freezing for the week. We then supplement with Chefgood for dinner and lunch on busy days when even the defrost is too much. I love that we can cater to our own diets and preferences and try things that we usually don’t have time for. It’s also significantly cheaper than take out, and basically no meals! Win, win and win!

How it works: Customers choose from a range of meal plans according to their dietary needs and goals. To name a few, these include weightloss, vegetarian, vegan, low in carbohydrates and gluten free meal plan added options (not suitable for celiacs). They then select the number of meals they want to receive and the day. The menu changes weekly, which means you benefit from the variety without the mental burden. Subscriptions start at $ 57.50 per week for 5 meals, up to $ 209 per week for 20 meals. With a flexible subscription plan that you can change, suspend, or cancel at any time, there’s really no reason not to try!


Threadicated, a personal styling service delivered to your home

Just like cooking, shopping for clothes is another necessary activity and if I’m honest it gets more difficult and tiring as you get older. The sheer amount of choice that greets me in every store or online immediately overwhelms me. I yearn for the experience of tailor-made styling that, until now, only the elite have been able to acquire. But now, thanks to Threadicated, we can all experience what it’s like to be styled with the help of a personal stylist. With their sophisticated AI technology, each box adapts to your style, shape and budget.

How it works: Threadicated compares your “Style Profile” data with over 100,000 products and 1,500 brands to suggest the pieces that best suit you. The algorithm basically does the job of removing products that won’t suit your style, shape, and budget, and then your personal stylist will organize a package according to your needs. I love that with each package I can tell the stylist what I’m looking for, and they’ll do their best to meet exactly that. Since the lockdown ended, I’ve requested a box with a variety of date night looks. I love the dark pink Witchery maxi dress they sent with black suede mules among other gorgeous items.


TidyMe, a home cleaning subscription app that automatically matches you with a cleaner

Nothing says Double Duty like having to clean your house after a long week at work. Despite our best efforts, household chores can often be a source of stress in relationships, especially when you throw children into the mix. Soon after the birth of my daughter, I realized that I couldn’t get everything under control, but I didn’t have the free space to research and contact the cleaners in the area. This is what makes TidyMe so revolutionary because it literally does all the hard work for you, all you have to do is fill out your profile and a cleaner will come to you if needed.

How it works: You fill out your profile, selecting the services you need and the size of your home. You also select the day and time you want and the details of how the cleaner can enter the house. TidyMe then connects you with a verified and verified cleaner in the background. They are equipped with cleaning products, all you need is a vacuum cleaner and a mop. If you need to change the date of your cleaning or if the cleaner is absent, TidyMe will automatically assign a new cleaner. You can also rate your regular cleaner and change it anytime if you’re not happy with the service.

This service is a game changer in the cleaning industry, and I feel compelled to mention that they can take care of your laundry too – parents rejoice! Now don’t worry while I go to test the latest nanny / babysitter subscription service.

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