12 low-stress jobs for retirees


Work-life balance There are many jobs available for retirees, but not all of them are low-stress. Avoid…

work-life balance

There are many jobs available for retirees, but not all are slightly stressed. To avoid additional anxiety in your life, consider positions that allow for flexible hours, the ability to Work at home or other benefits you enjoy. The possibility of earning a little income while maintaining a good work-life balance could work in retirement a wise choice for your budget and your well-being. Consider these low-stress retirement jobs:


For those who like to write and share details about experiences or offer advice, a digital journal provides the opportunity to connect with others. You can provide information about a hobby, a trip, a lifestyle or a fashion. The income generated by a blog can vary greatly and, at first, you may not earn anything. Over time, there may be more cash-generating opportunities, such as working with brands to share products or through affiliate marketing. Blogging brings the freedom and flexibility to write on your own schedule and allows for reader interactions and potential income.

Remote call center representative

If you like interacting with customers, you can look for a work from home position in a call center. You can help callers schedule appointments or trips, answer customer questions about a particular product or service, or handle returns for a business. Consider using a headset to keep your hands free and ask how many hours you feel comfortable working. You may be able to help callers clarify issues or allow them to schedule appointments at times that are convenient for them. Customer service representatives earn a median salary of $17.23 per hour.

Dog walker

For retirees who already have pets that they bring around the neighborhood regularly, a job walking other dogs might be a natural bond. You’ll have the chance to meet new dogs, see them in action on outings such as a trip to the dog park, and enjoy the fun of being around furry creatures. A good place to start might be to ask your neighbors if they would like some help walking their dog. You can also create an account online through a platform that connects pet helpers with pet owners, like Rover.com. You can start slowly with one dog and add more as you feel comfortable with the job. Animal care workers earn a median of about $12.68 per hour.

online tutor

If you’ve worked as an educator, trainer, or teacher during your career, you might find work as an online tutor to share your knowledge with others. You could help high school students prepare for tests or help students who are looking for help with a certain subject. Look for a job that allows you to connect through a online platform if you don’t want to move. Also look for a position that allows you to set the hours you need. You can organize private tutoring sessions with students who are part of your network, for example through parents or friends. You can set an hourly rate to start with. Teaching assistants earn a median salary of $28,900 per year.

school bus driver

If you’ve had a child-centric career or enjoy being with toddlers, drive a school bus offers a bit of routine without long hours or days of work, and gives you free summer. You can choose to drive a morning or afternoon route or be available for sporting events. You need a valid license and will need to meet local requirements, which could include at least five years of driving experience or possession of a commercial driver’s license. You will also have to ensure the safety of children on the bus and maintain order. A highlight could be getting to know the children during the school year. Passenger vehicle drivers earn a median of $16.67 per hour.


If you have a career as a healthcare professional, you may be able to work from home via video conference to answer patient questions or conduct consultations. You may need to maintain accreditations or certificates, but you won’t have to go to a health center to perform your duties. You can also choose your hours and work part-time. Median salaries vary depending on the telehealth practitioner’s expertise.

Nanny or babysitter

A job as a nanny or babysitter can be a great way to stay active. You may be able to stay home and limit your services to a small number of children so you can focus on their growth and development. Watching children learn and change can be incredibly rewarding. You can start by providing babysitting services to a neighbor or family member you know and build a network of referrals from them. You may be able to set your own hours and babysit only when it suits your schedule. Child care workers typically earn a median of $12.24 per hour.

Youth sports coach

If you enjoyed baseball as a child, played soccer in high school, or participated in group sports as a child, being a sports coach could be an opportunity to share some of the skills you have learned. This position is often a perfect fit for those looking for a way to give back or be a mentor. You can choose the the seasons you want to work, get some fresh air if the sport is outdoors and watch the players improve under your watch. If you have a friend who likes the same sport, you could coach a team together. The median salary for a coach is around $36,330 per year.


For bookworms who like to read and keep up to date with the latest books that come out each year, a position at a local library could be a great match. You will be able to interact with other readers and help community members find the material they need. You can also choose the number of days per week you work and request time off when traveling or visiting family. The quiet environment can be a soothing way to spend time at work, and you may be able to host literary events. Librarians report a median wage of $29.24 per hour.

Office clerk

If you have excellent communication skills and enjoy spending time with people, an office assistant position could energize you. You can organize and schedule tasks and talk to clients or customers who call with questions. You can decide to look for a part-time in-person position or look for a hybrid position that includes a few days of work from home so you don’t always have to commute. This position may be a natural path for workers who have had clerical jobs in the past and lack relationships with co-workers. Office clerks earn a median rate of $16.98 per hour.

craft store employee

For creatives who enjoy designing and working on art projects, a job at a local craft store might be a perfect fit. You’ll get a chance to see new merchandise and you might get a discount on store products, which you can use for your own inventions. Duties may include assisting customers with finding items, working at the cash register, and straightening shelves and displays. You might even come up with ideas for new crafts and arrangements and put your skills to good use in the store. Look for a job that offers the hours you want.

part-time editor

If you have worked as a writer or editor in the past, you may be able to do freelance editing work from home on your own schedule. Online platforms can connect you to freelance jobs, or you can directly contact employers who need an editor for occasional projects. You can also contact a nearby university or nonprofit to see if they need your services. You might have the chance to choose the books or articles you want to work on and learn more about the topics you find interesting. You may be able to connect with writers and managers to discuss content options. Publishers earn a median of $30.48 per hour.

12 low-stress jobs for retirees:

— Blogging.

— Remote call center representative.

– Dog walker.

— Online tutor.

— School bus driver.

— Telehealth.

— Nanny or babysitter.

— Youth sports coach.

– Librarian.

– Office clerk.

— Employee of a craft store.

— Part-time editor.

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