10 movie extras who stole their entire scene


Movie extras are meant to be little more than living sets, meant to flesh out a scene’s world and give it a grander scale. Yet not all extras simply blend in with the crowd. Some take it a step further and even manage to become the most memorable part of their entire scene.

With franchises such as the Marvel Cinematic Universe filling their backgrounds with cameos and Easter eggs, sometimes it’s just regular players who really complete the package. From unintentionally hilarious blunders to unflappable engagement, these film extras managed to steal the show during their brief time on camera.


Street “Sweeper” – Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig’s second outing as James Bond, Quantum of comfort, received a more lukewarm reception than its predecessor Casino Royalebut a disposable plane has become almost as famous as anything else in film due to a single man in the background.

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As Bond waits on a motorbike along a pier, a group of men clean up the dock behind him. One worker in particular sweeps the concrete, although his broom never touches the ground. The sweeping sound would have made the audio difficult to edit, but watching a man sweep the air a foot above the ground became one of the film’s standout moments.

Women’s Striped Shirt – The Avengers

marvel’s The Avengers was a monolithic landmark in cinema and was the culmination of the entire MCU up to that point. The climax takes place during an alien invasion of New York, and needless to say, the citizens of the city are less than excited.

Dozens of New Yorkers are seen in hiding or fleeing the alien attack, but one woman goes above and beyond as she flees for her life. As the other extras reasonably walk away, a woman in a striped shirt can be seen charging across the stage at a dead sprint. The woman became something of a fan hero in the film, and given how many shots the scene took, maybe the aliens should have run away from her.

Laughing Centurions – The Life of Brian from Monty Python

It can be hotly debated whether Holy Grail Where Brian’s life is Monty Python’s best movie, as both are absolute comedy gems. Brian’s life contains one of the troupe’s funniest and most famous scenes, as audiences hear for the first time about the man known as Biggus Dickus.

Everyone in the scene tries to stifle their laughter on behalf, but one extra in particular is attacked by Michael Palin. The man’s face contorts in every shape as he desperately tries to stifle his laughter, and Michael Palin only tries harder to break it. While it’s debatable whether or not the extras knew what was going to happen in the scene, this man has earned a place in comedy history.

Rookie Henchman – The Dark Knight Rises

by Christophe Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy is highly acclaimed for its action and attention to detail, unfortunately one henchman didn’t quite get the memo during a fight scene in The dark knight rises. As Batman battles a number of Bane’s goons, one of them falls for no apparent reason.

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It’s a gaffe that few people probably caught on their first viewing, but it’s hard not to see it on re-watches. Seeing the man randomly dive made some fans go back and scrutinize every other fight scene in the trilogy, and became a frequently mocked moment in an otherwise great film. In defense of this extra, most people probably wouldn’t want to fight Batman.

Man with dog – Mr. Nanny

Many people would now have a hard time remembering Hulk Hogan starring Mr. Nanny, especially since it could rival the score of many of Rotten Tomatoes’ lowest-rated films. One scene, however, has become a cult classic.

As the Hulkster rolls down the road on his motorcycle, he comes across a man who randomly throws his dog into the water like a sack of potatoes. He never explained who the man is, or why he decided at that moment to give the dog an impromptu swimming lesson, but the scene is arguably the most famous part of the entire movie.

Shocked Fisherman – Caddyshack

Caddyshack is a film full of outlandish and goofy hijinks, and one famous scene centers on Al Czervik, a Rodney Dangerfield staple, losing control of his yacht. The boat is careened by several bizarre lake goers, including a now-legendary man simply trying to fish.

Calmly casting his line, the man looks up to see the boat barreling straight at him. After doing a stunning sideways double take, he dives into the water at the last moment. Despite only being on screen for a few seconds, actor Matthew Burch became a cult fan favorite for his brief but fantastic moment of fame.

The Unlucky Samurai – The Last Samurai

The last Samourai has drawn fair criticism in recent years for white saviourism, but at its core it’s still a great movie. The epic final battle scene is still an awe-inspiring recreation of the historic conflict. Unfortunately for an extra, he received a crushing blow before the fights even started.

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As Tom Cruise’s Captain Algren dismounts from his horse in front of a group of samurai on the front lines, the horse ad-libs his own little stunt and gives an extra a sharp kick straight to the groin. As a true master of his art, the man took the hit like a champion, arousing the admiration of many fans who spotted this painful moment.

Saluting Soldier – Independence Day

Bill Pullman’s catchy speech towards the climax of independence day is one of the highlights of the whole movie and can make almost anyone feel like they could take on a UFO. It wasn’t just the speech that made the scene so inspiring, as the president was aided by a particularly patriotic pilot.

At the end of the speech, the camera cuts to a man, who gives one of the most powerful salutes ever filmed. He doesn’t have a single line of dialogue, but the commitment and passion behind his grand gesture is the icing on the cake of an already awesome time.

Margarita Man – Jurassic World

The first one jurassic world did a decent job championing the original movie, ranking alongside the best dinosaur movies. The movie added spooky new dinosaurs, as well as some interesting new characters, the surprise of which was the Margarita man.

When pterodactyls attack the titular park’s main plaza, patrons scramble to escape the flying dinos. One extra however decides to return for his two margaritas before escaping, becoming a fan icon in the process. Better yet, the man is none other than Margaritaville singer Jimmy Buffett in a little cameo you’ll miss.

This Stormtrooper – Star Wars

One of the most famous movie bloopers of all time, practically every star wars fan can point out the now-famous scene in which an awkward Stormtrooper bangs his head against a door. The bit of unintentional slapstick has sparked searches for who the actor behind the moment is, and even a few nods in the movies themselves.

As C-3PO and R2-D2 hide in a control room, a group of Stormtroopers burst in, one of which doesn’t quite fit under the door. The moment was so funny that George Lucas even added a sound effect for the Special Edition re-release, and Jango Fett made the same mistake in attack of the clones. The force may not have been with him, but the fans certainly were.

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