10 Horror Movie Sequels That Pissed Everyone Off


Horror movies are generally cheap, easy to put together, and do well whether or not they have a top-notch cast. For this reason, it’s no surprise that the genre produces a plethora of sequels.

It’s somewhat ironic, because most of the follow-ups to slashers, zombie movies, and sci-fi B movies are pretty terrible. While the sequels to Halloween, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Saw have some creative moments and real scares, the later entries can’t live up to the one that started it all.

Even if you’re a die-hard fan of the genre, you can probably count every major horror sequel on one hand. Nobody walks into Puppet Master 14 expecting it to be a masterpiece. As a result, most moviegoers assume horror sequels will suck right off the bat.

However, some sequels leave you not just disappointed, but enraged. Some movies are so bad they feel like an insult to the original. Other times, these pointless sequels feel completely disconnected from their predecessor to the point where they don’t seem to come from the same franchise.

However, the worst sequels are those that are so atrocious that they dilute the legacy of the original. Here are ten horror sequels that really pissed viewers off.

The Boy centers on a nanny called Greta who is hired to look after a boy called Brahms. Upon arriving at the house, Greta discovers that Brahms is a porcelain doll, which the parents use to deal with the death of their son decades ago.

When the doll apparently begins to move on its own, Greta is unsure if she is alive or losing her mind. At the climax, we learn that the real Brahms – a human, not a possessed doll – has been living within the walls of the house for years and moves the doll around to torment Greta.

However, this revelation is ignored in Brahms: The Boy II since the doll is retconned as a supernatural being! For some inexplicable reason, the doll now has organs and can move on its own. Although it is implied that Brahms survived the events at the end of The Boy, there is no mention of him this time around.

Not only does this plot development contradict the premise of the previous entry, it makes this sequel feel like the shameless rip-off of Child’s Play and Annabelle, everyone moaned that the first was. It is also never explained how the doll exists since it was unmistakably destroyed in The Boy’s conclusion.


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